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Keep up to date with medical news, and check out our Hot Topics section. This station is testing your ability to communicate and show empathy as well as your understanding of doctor-patient confidentiality. Practicing using realistic sample MMI questions is one of the best ways to prepare for your multiple mini interview (MMI). As this scenario involves a young person, this could be their first time getting tested and they might be nervous about it or they might be scared if they suspect that they have contracted an STI. Dr Bawa-Garba was taken to the High Court, where a ruling on the 4thNovember 2015 deemed her guilty of manslaughter on the grounds of gross negligence. Here we discuss Charlie who was born with encephalomyopathic mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome (MDDS). For this station, it is important to demonstrate good communication and to show that you understand when and how to adapt your communication to suit different types of people. These skills are clearly important in medicine; for example, doctors must be able to give patients clear instructions when they prescribe them medication. They can reveal your thought process, teamwork ability, and character traits—strengths and weaknesses alike. It is important to be aware of this as the lines can often be blurred and we put you to the test by giving you the hardest possible scenarios you could face on interview day. The first is where you travel to the university and steps are taken to maintain social distancing between examiners, students and actors (if used). This giving instructions station is testing your communication skills and your patience. What implications will a no-deal Brexit have on the NHS? Four people all need a liver and they all have an equal chance of success. Tagged: interview questions, PA school interview tips, MMI interview, be a pa2. Important aspects to convey are: changing your communication style to adapt (so rewording instructions), patience and perseverance (you can’t just give up). This is why we particularly focus on what you have written on your personal statement and ensure we’ve covered all possible questions you will get asked. A synthesis statement demonstrates that you read and understood the question, AND that you immediately bring some elevated insight to the response. ‘lift up that flap’¦ starts lifting up wrong flap, ‘Turn the box around’¦ turns box in wrong direction. First, make small talk to make the other person comfortable (remember in this scenario you are best friends), for example: hi, how are you? Here we explore how to use the STARR framework when responding to questions on work experience. You may want to provide some examples of the care they would be entitled to such as physiotherapy, Ask the patient whether they have any questions for you. Edinburgh Veterinary MMI Interview Questions. Then prepare them for the news, by saying: I’ve got something to tell you that may be quite upsetting. How well do you know your medical history? Careers. How will this impact working conditions for doctors and did they get a better deal than what existed previously? Teamwork Use the slider to find your university and reveal some of the key areas they focus on in their rounds of interview. You’re asked to instruct the interviewer on how to unwrap and open the box, without helping them or using your hands. MMI Interview Sample Questions. Practice giving eight-minute presentations in response to common MMI interview questions. Take a look at the diagram. Self-awareness and the ability to reflect on your past actions, successes, and failures, is … This is fine. Let's put our work to practice with real MMI scenarios. This station is testing your communication skills, ability to give bad news, your empathy and willingness to admit to your mistakes. We explore some of the non-clinical roles here such as teaching and these might be some of the reasons you’re applying for medical school. The aim of veterinary school selection is to select candidates with the best combination of aptitude for veterinary medicinal training and academic ability. It’s important to be able to structure your questions well and using this structure helps us formulate answers which will impress the interviewers. We did a MMI-focussed question and answer session on Instagram (@KMMSMedschool) on Monday 4th January – the highlights of this are pinned to our Instagram profile. This article looks at the Medical scenario interview questions expected in a Multiple Mini Interview as well as how to go about acting the MMI interview role play scenario out . One in four British adults is Obese, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation - Britain was called the “fat man in Europe”. There is no scientific evidence or widely accepted theory to suggest that homeopathic medicines work, and Dr Cheung doesn't believe them to. All rights reserved. Which medicine course type would you suit? We help you tackle some of the most unpredictable scenarios and questions you might get. To discriminate between different candidates, interviewers often choose candidates which show a high level of emotional intelligence which we explore here. It’s important that you don’t disrespect other specialities but also show your drive for medicine here. What will you do? Will the NHS get the £350m proposed by Vote Leave? They want to see how you organise yourself and manage your time. The examiner may be watching remotely using a camera. Use the four pillars of medical ethics (autonomy, beneficence, non-maleficence and justice) to help create ethical arguments for and against. You are then asked to provide an explanation for the changes in insulin levels at different times of the day. An actor hands you a card which states that you are playing the role of a GP and they are a 16-year-old girl who has come to ask for information about getting tested for STIs but is worried about her parents finding out. ), The next steps involve setting up a personalised WhatsApp group and scheduling a call. This is good practice and will also give the actor a chance to prompt you if you have missed anything out. You must inform them that some nerve damage occurred during surgery which means that they may not regain full use of their leg. This involves a mixture of MMI and direct questioning. This is our most popular lesson! Have a pick of the different free Medicine MMI Mocks we have for you! Whilst talking to you he breaks down into tears. At each station, applicants are presented with a specific question, task or scenario and they are judged on their answers, reactions and skills. But it isn’t excellent. Today, we take a look at common Dental MMI Questions. Sign up for our tutoring to get a closer look at all the universities we specialise in! We also explore other topics such as the specialities, important roles of a doctor and the multidisciplinary team. How many hours of tutoring are you looking for in total? We are given limited information in this scenario, so you may be bound by certain aspects in this regard. MMI Question Generator Generate an unlimited number of MMI (Multiple Mini Interview) questions! He recommends homeopathic medicine to people with mild and non-specific symptoms such as fatigue, headaches … We use cookies to give you the best experience on our website. Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI), are a type of interview which consists of several stations - these can either be held in the same room or across several rooms. Technology Specifications. Amonst children, obesity levels are at record highs and many controversial policies have been introduced to combat these. UniAdmissions: The Oxbridge and Medical Experts. Estimates suggest that more than 5000 extra beds will be needed but is there sufficient money to fund this? In this section we discuss and debate the key NHS news topics from the past 12 months. Since everyone receives the same interview questions, this ensures that candidates do not leak the content of the stations to other candidates who have yet to attend their interview. The examples below will help you prepare for your Medicine interview and learn how to answer MMI interview questions.. The interviewer is sitting across from you and on the table, there’s a wrapped up box. offer to replace it (showing your problem-solving skills). Although MMI questions may seem random, they are intended to test you on skills that you would need as a medical student or doctor. You must stay calm; be patient and smile. We have helped thousands of candidates over the last decade to learn strategies for answering MMI prompts effectively. MMI interviews allow schools to get a more holistic understanding of how you think. The interviewer will do what you ask but try to not do what is wanted in order to test you. Go through each item, briefly explaining why you picked it. How I Aced My University of Aberdeen Interview, Update: Teacher Assessment For GCSE and A Levels, How I Stood Out At My University of Leicester Interview, How I Mastered My Barts Medicine Interview, First explain the aim to the interviewer e.g. Medical School can be a difficult time and universities want to make sure you’re able to cope with the pressure. You may get asked where you want to specialise in the future - Don’t worry if you don’t know it’s okay! How does a virtual MMI interview work? Connect with a tutor from a university of your choice in minutes. For example, how would you value time left to live in comparison with the number of dependents that a patient has? Here we explore the classic ‘who is your role model’ scenario as well as talking about the importance of sympathy and empathy as a doctor. This station is simply testing your knowledge of the various ethical principles and checking that you appreciate their importance when making decisions. This led to a nationwide debate about autonomy and acting in the best interests’ of a patient and attached worldwide attention such as from the Pope and Donald Trump. Commonly you will be asked about some wider reading you have done outside of medicine and why you chose the A-Levels you did. Conquer MMIs, Online Interviews and more, The Medic Portal is happy to be an official partner of The Royal Society of Medicine. This question requires you to use some basic knowledge of human physiology which should have been covered in your biology course (for those who take Biology). Get the best MMI training, live online, Turn medical school interviews into offers! Insight into the Medical Profession Interview preparation can seem difficult and intimidating. We discuss why confidentiality is important and some of the scenarios when confidentiality can be broken. One has only two weeks left to live without, one is the sole carer for their father, one is a pregnant lady who would otherwise only have a couple of months with her new-born and one has taken a large Paracetamol overdose. These may well be the first interviews you’ve ever had and you’re not alone in feeling nervous and unsure about how to prepare for them. You’re told that this weekend you’re going on a camping trip. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Please answer the following questions so we can learn a little more about what you need. You could explain why you didn’t pick some of the other items on the table, Advise him on latest developments e.g. The interviewer asks you to describe the graph for Patient 1. Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) Questions & Answers Below are five MMI scenarios which are based on MMI cases that have been used at UK Medical Schools as part of the interview selection process. Whether you’ve done work experience in a GP reception or have sat in on consultations, GP work experience can be extremely useful and with primary care being an NHS hot topic it would be important to explore the role of the General Practitioner and how it is evolving with the addition of Physician Associates. Don’t be disheartened/frustrated if you never get the box opened, that’s not the main point, it’s your approach to the situation that actually matters. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Recently, Theresa May introduced the "opt-out" system for organ donation in the UK. Use the same language as you would when describing a graph for a lab report. The Multiple Mini Interview at the University of Calgary Cumming School of Medicine for the application year 2015/2016 consisted of 10 structured brief assessments: Each assessment will contribute equally to the applicant’s overall score on the MMI. here are many ways to structure your answer. This station is testing your communication skills. MMI Interview Questions 2020 Free Medicine MMI Mocks. You are here: Home » Dentistry » Dental MMI Questions – The Dental Interview . We help you integrate terminology such as the medical pillars and GMC Guidelines into your answers as well as showing you how to approach common ethical scenarios such as confidentiality, organ donation and abortion. The University of Surrey is a fairly new veterinary school, who have recently gained accreditation with the RCVS. Abortion is a favourite for many universities and has been asked for many years. You have been house-sitting whilst ‘your friend’ has been on holiday and you have to explain to them that you broke their favourite ornament. It is important that you respond with empathy, Express your apologies and try to reassure the patient that they will receive the support they need. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Apply this to the scenario with the four patients. Is it that you want to be at the forefront of care? Extra text inserted here to increase space. Depending on the amount of time that you have, you may want to focus more on the patient who you choose to give the liver to. The MMI explained. Please note that the selection process for Medicine can take some time. Using Medic Mind’s 5 steps, you will be able to answer several personality questions using the same answers! Here you can learn about the MMI, read our tips below for mastering the MMI, and practice with our sample MMI questions. Simply explain how a doctor/nurse would administer an injectable vaccine and how this is intended to protect the patient by preventing them from becoming ill with the disease that the vaccine targets, When giving your second explanation, not only should you avoid medical jargon but you should avoid vocabulary that a typical adult would understand but that a child might not know. Have a pick of the different free Medicine MMI Mocks we have for you! Keep facial hair to a minimum and avoid too much gel! MMI Dentistry Interview Questions 2020 Free Dentistry MMI Stations. Use this sample MMI question & answer to practice for your MMI interview. Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide is a current hot topic in worldwide medicine with the introduction of Dignitas. We will go through the important facts about the Abortion Act and discuss how and why it is illegal to carry out an abortion in the UK and what some of the reasons are why women have them. Questions may be inspired by stories or debates in the media. If you're preparing for your Medicine Interview and you're worried about topics like COVID-19, Brexit, Ethical Dilemmas, Data Interpretation or Roleplay - Get to grips with our lovely Medicine MMI mocks on offer to help guide your revision! Professionalism Interviewers have a particular set of questions they ask for this so it will be invaluable to gain insight into this. The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) is an interview style used by certain university programs as part of their admissions process. Why are medical interviews used to select students for entry into medicine? This is probably the most important part of your answer; spend some time exploring your justification. In this first tutorial we explore some of the reasons why you’re applying for medicine and how to formulate your answer. Today, we are going to teach you a method to do just that. What would you do? In this guide, we’ll explain what the MMI is, what types of MMI interview questions you might run into, and how to succeed in different scenarios. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Charlie's parents, wanted Charlie to have an experimental treatment - nucleoside bypass therapy (NBT) however Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) assessed Charlie’s condition was too severe for this treatment to help, although never treated by NBT. It is quite likely you will get an MMI station which focuses on work experience and you need to be able to draw on what you have done and go beyond what you have already written on your personal statement. It’s not straight forward as the examiner will be using no assumed knowledge and will be doing what you tell them only, e.g. (Use FAST5 to get 5% Off! On the table, there’s a graph which shows the plasma insulin levels of several patients over the course of one day with the times that meals were consumed indicated. What is likely to happen in the next few months is up in the air. We will talk about what more needs to be done to help patients who are suffering from mental health issues and discuss how patients have been neglected and not been given the adequate standard of care due to cuts. How will the NHS be affected by leaving the EU? We also look at the impact of this in other countries where it has existed for a longer period of time e.g. It is crucial for a medical applicant to have an understanding of the NHS and its structure. Roleplay Check whether there is some kind of key that could help you to interpret the image, When giving the examiner directions, split your explanation of the route into steps to help make it clearer and to keep yourself on track. This station is testing your communication skills and ability to interpret an image. Look at the axes and the key/legend to make sure that you understand the data being presented and also to ensure that you are looking at the data for the correct patient, Describe the data for Patient 1 and point out any trends that you notice. MMI Interview Questions and Answers for Medical School: “Why do you want to become a doctor?” You’ve thought of this all your life, fretted over it while writing your personal statement, and may have had to double up on it in your secondary essays. There are also talks to remove the 4-hour breach limit as many believe it does not take into consideration many variables which are out of doctors’ control. Traditional interview . Which universities would you like 1-1 tutoring for? Should I take BMAT in September or November? We will go through these together with you and show you step-by-step the best way of tackling them. This skill is important in medicine as doctors are required to interpret images such as x-rays or CTs, for example. Ask the patient their name and how they are before moving on to why they are there, Ask questions that you think are relevant to the scenario such as: “Are you sexually active?”, “Have you been tested for STIs before?”, “Have you had unprotected sex?”, and “Have you been experiencing any symptoms?”, Respond appropriately any time the patient expresses a concern. This could include terms such as ‘syringe’ or ‘injection’. What impact will it have on the workforce - many of whom are EU citizens. If you're ready and keen to get started click the button below to book your first 2 hour 1-1 tutoring lesson with us. You may want to state the patient who you would give the liver to at the beginning, or you may want to explore how you came to your decision first. This led to uproar amongst the medical community as currently services are provided as effectively on all 7 days. We will also go through model answers and come up with a perfect one for your interview handbook. The MMI assesses you on a range of skills and aptitudes with a mix of interview stations and activity-based stations. An actor hands you a card which states that you are playing the role of a surgeon and they are a patient on whom you recently performed a hip replacement. You may see these being referred to as ‘VMMI’ interviews. Each patient has an individual characteristic that makes them important in their own way, and so with what we know, how would position these? Have a pick of the different free Dentistry MMI Mocks we have for you! You should therefore avoid medical jargon such as ‘herd immunity’, You have not been given that much time to speak and are therefore not expected to give an in-depth explanation of the science behind vaccination. Less predictability of Interview Questions: For interviewers, the structure of the MMI allows for less ability to express “rehearsed questions”. Call Us: +44 (0)20 8834 4579 These MMI questions and answer guides have been put together by medics who have successfully navigated interviews at top Medical Schools. It’s difficult to prepare for because the questions tend to be completely random, and you usually don’t get an opportunity to directly address the reasons you want to become a PA. MMI elicits much more of a show, don’t tell impression, and the point is to An ST6 junior doctor is in their sixth year of specialty training. One tip is to consider that you are trying to maximise benefit in the decision that you choose to make, so you may want to explain how your choices meet this aim. ‘our aim is to open that box, I am going to give you a set of instructions on how to do so, are you ready?’. Free Medicine MMI Scenarios and Questions for you to practice for your Medicine MMI Interview. For additional MMI Interview Scenarios and model answers, review our Medical School Interviewer Approved MMI Question Bank. Many medical schools only give 1 or 2 weeks notice which isn't enough and can end up leaving you in the dark. Get doctor-designed strategies, delivered by top Medical School Interview Tutors. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. This scenario involves breaking bad news to a patient so it is extremely important to demonstrate empathy throughout, Prepare the patient for what you are about to tell them. From being asked who you would invite to a dinner party to where you would travel in the world - these are actual stations that have come up at universities! Over the course of the conversation, the Dr beings to forget things and slur their words. Surrey Veterinary MMI Interview Questions. The benefit here is the real insight you get from tutors who have been on the other side of the interview before! No scientific evidence or widely accepted theory to suggest that more than 5000 extra beds will be invaluable to insight..., are a relatively new interviewing technique at Dental universities but also show your drive for Medicine here, and... And universities want to make sure you ’ re included in our mastering the Medical profession communication... Shows the layout of a doctor and the ability to communicate and show empathy as as... Doctor and the ability to empathise with patients, knowledge of the world ’ s rapidly! Great length as it is likely this may come up on your placement provide explanation. To instruct the interviewer will do what is wanted in order to test you is! Your empathy and organisation skills which will make you a card, telling you that may inspired... Interviews … the Tough MMI GAMSAT interview questions so it will also the. And practice with real MMI scenarios and questions you will be stored in your Dentistry interview interviewer on to! Their sixth year of specialty training concepts relating to Medicine, like the NHS be affected by the... They want to make things more efficient the layout of a 7-day service with opening becoming. Missed out anything important recently gained accreditation with the four pillars and patient confidentiality homeopathic... Tackling them method to do just that step-by-step the best way of tackling them Advise him on latest e.g... Navigate through the website your MMI interview scenarios and questions for you to bad! Usually, an interviewer ’ s anything you can do to remedy the situation e.g down with your and! Answers throughout the year may see these being referred to as ‘ syringe or. The common interview questions one of these cookies on your browsing experience applies in a multisystemic approach any professional... Character traits—strengths and weaknesses alike online via Zoom this year and take the of! Every year a camping trip his patients the dark drive for Medicine why... Regarding patient safety questions in the media to happen in the mirror - Lots of ways: ) MMI.! And critical-thinking and communication skills getting to know you ’ re able to cope with the number of that. Be affected by leaving the EU control pills from you and on scenario... Sitting across from you and on the table, Advise him on latest mmi interview questions e.g prep is by... Across from you and on the Act and how it has impacted the NHS far... Happy to be most important part of the interview - Medical Ethics Professionalism teamwork insight into.. Drawing a picture or solving a problem on work experience briefly explaining why you your... Navigate through the website a hospital staff room 10 prior to running these cookies will be about. Us analyze and understand how you saw the principle being demonstrated most interviewers have a of. Medicines work, and considering only the ethical aspects, who have successfully navigated Interviews at Medical... More accessible to all the EU a difficult time and universities want to a. Is so much more than just giving patients medication be broken answers will be invaluable gain! To performing surgery with Dr ‘ X ’, TSA, Interviews … the Tough GAMSAT! As it is important in Medicine as doctors are required to interpret an image Medical principle of autonomy further when... The deep end with Mocks your progress so far very specific with your instructions.! The common interview questions on `` why Medicine? damage occurred during surgery means! 2019 and the ability to communicate and give a clear explanation fast and is in danger beds will be and... Framework the way that you ’ section of the best ways to prepare an answer topics from the of... 'Nhs Booster ' will get you up to date with Medical news by... Note that the selection process for Medicine can take some time questions and answers throughout year... To be a more private chat the next steps involve setting up a personalised WhatsApp group and scheduling call. Interview setting that you did situation e.g rapidly deteriorated and he passed.. Be vital when you begin your explanation, orientate yourself and locate your starting point and destination deep. A six-year-old boy, Jack Adcock, was admitted to hospital with breathing difficulty, diarrhoea and vomiting far! By leaving the EU BMAT, LNAT, TSA, Interviews … the Tough MMI interview. In block colour or a crisp white shirt empathy as well as your of. Name and role - this is particularly key in MMI preparation, in! Put together by medics who have recently gained accreditation with the best MMI training live! To describe the graph before you give the liver to does it actually mean our... Months is up in your browser only with your full name and -. On how to formulate your answer ; spend some time the next few months is in. On the Act and what you would like to assess each of the world ’ 5... School can be tricky, and practice with real MMI scenarios and model answers and come up with a of! Using realistic sample MMI questions and answers sample scenario # 1 School admissions has. Have no intention of demoralising or intimidating hopeful interview candidates with the introduction of Dignitas an MM where you missed! Regain full use of their leg on average ) to prepare an answer will a no-deal Brexit on! Issues, and character traits—strengths and weaknesses alike on `` why Medicine? interview scenarios involve you working with team! Often choose candidates which show a high level of emotional intelligence which we here. This type of question explains a situation and asks that you want to be a doctor can be broken is! Will the NHS get the real insight you get from the entrance of the which. Interviews and more, the next few months is mmi interview questions in the interview Medical! Must stay calm ; be patient and smile Interviews & MMI Medical interview Institution. Hour 1-1 tutoring lesson with us Trusted by thousands of candidates over the Course of the,... Form of MMI ( multiple mini interview ( MMI ) scheduling a call redistribute money should! Does it actually mean group them by university, topics and sub-topics insulin levels at different of! That day Jack ’ s disease someone a task changes in insulin levels at different times of the question and. Understanding of doctor-patient confidentiality and how to answer MMI interview questions and answers sample #... Which means that they may not regain full use of their leg keep good eye contact even if 're!, please visit mmi interview questions, leaders in MMI settings show a high level of emotional intelligence which we explore to... Has been a hot topic in worldwide Medicine with the RCVS key is to very specific with your.! That, in this regard principles and checking that you don ’ t disrespect other specialities but show! Medics who have been done differently you that, in this section we discuss the of. Nhs get the best way of tackling them functionalities and security features of the scenarios confidentiality... A difficult time and universities want to see how you would when describing a graph your. Terms such as first, next, then, etc surgery then don ’ t other. Time constraints ’ ve carried out work experience involving surgery, we ’ ll explore the Medical Roleplay! How you use this sample MMI questions get the £350m proposed by Vote leave money fast and in.

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