Scandinavians have a rather harsh winter to face, spending a lot of time at home, so the design of their homes really does affect their lifestyle. So adopting a «Scandi» approach to furnishing our homes means creating a liveable space, as beautiful as it is.

It is a style that has often been described as «minimalist» (not to be confused with the minimal style), because it is based on a few well-chosen pieces of good design and because the lines are always clean and «apparently» simple, giving us furniture without time.

The interiors inspired by the Nordic style are increasingly numerous, at all latitudes. They focus on the «less is more» principle, finding functionality, clean lines, warmth, attention to detail and, above all, light as the main ingredients.

Here are some elements that can bring some Nordic style into your home.

Nordic design

When it comes to interior design, the first obvious thing to think about is furniture. The Nordic design, we know it well now, is characterized by simple lines and functionality, which give rise to their charm. Chairs, tables, armchairs, and beds all reach together with the beauty of simplicity.

Without excessive decorations and the visual clutter of the room, which disturb the eye, the Nordic approach in the arrangement of the furniture actually creates the impression of having larger spaces. It is no small feat to succeed in making an environment welcoming while remaining in the field of sobriety and simplicity. Perhaps we should all take inspiration from here to get rid of our useless disorder.

Perfectly studied lines and a quality design, which does not undergo the passing of fashions, are distinctive features of this style of interiors, very versatile. This is why there are still some pieces from the 50s, which have become true design icons, still on sale today. Like the “Poet” sofa by the Danish brand OneCollection, designed by the architect Finn Juhl and produced many years after his death. This testifies to the fact that Nordic design is a contemporary taste that also knows how to be exquisitely timeless.

And light be it!

We know how important light is for a home. And when the sun sets it is artificial lighting that has the task of making our rooms welcoming. From hanging lamps to floor lamps, to table lamps, having varied and ample lighting in the room is the key to creating the right atmosphere, just like in the Nordic interiors.

For this reason, it is necessary to study the electrical system carefully during the restructuring phase. In the main rooms, by providing at least three different light points, light is allowed to spread in a warm and homogeneous way.

The lamps and lighting fixtures will be chosen with clean and linear shapes, because, as always, it is a question of finding the right balance between form and function.

And speaking of lighting, don’t forget the accessories, like the electric plates. Also, in this case, the quality and the design characterized by the rigor of the geometries are the choices to make for a Nordic interior. The BTicino » Living Now » electric plates have an extremely clean design and are a perfect accessory for this style.

Play with colors

The Nordic style is often characterized by a specific color scheme: shades of gray, black, beige (given by the color of light wood) and of course a lot of white. Usually, in fact, the interior walls are all painted white (or at most gray).

But if neutral colors seem boring to you, know that in recent times, the Nordic style has opened up (or better, has taken up other traditions of the past) towards color. Pastel tones, such as pale pink and mint green, but also darker tones, especially blue and green in different shades, have become trendy to offer a more contemporary and fresh aesthetic. They are perfect as contrast tones because they make the brightness of the furniture and the whole stand out even more.

So if a completely white interior is a thought that scares you or you love to add some color to your life, know that you can still follow this style, in line with the latest trends.

Add a rug

Despite the long and cold winters, carpet is not something you see in real Scandinavian interiors (thankfully!), Which usually have beautiful light-colored wooden floors. However, there are plenty of carpets in every room. In addition to adding warmth and comfort, the rugs are used as style declarations, also to highlight the furnishings.

If you are looking for a carpet for an interior inspired by the Nordic style, the Swedish company Kasthall, thanks to the beautifully “Scandinavian” texture and neutral tones, assures you of adding a little Scandi spirit to your environment.

The warmth of a fireplace

A fireplace can add beauty and comfort to an apartment and fits well into Nordic-inspired open plan living areas. But if in our tradition the hearth is in the center of the room, in the Nordic countries the fireplace does not occupy useless space, so we often find it positioned in a corner or in a niche. Nordic interior design prefers the advantage of having more space available for a comfortable sofa or table to receive friends.

Very often instead of a fireplace, we even find a nice stove: in this way the heat of the fire can be enjoyed safely, spreading through space.

The Nordic-Scandinavian style is one of the most popular interior design styles and we understand why: it is timeless but current, fresh, but warm, studied, but welcoming, in short, it is ideal for creating the right atmosphere in the home where you will love to dive.