Small or large, the vacation home (even one for short-term rent ) will always be a pleasant retreat and needs comfort. Whether at the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside, when choosing furniture and accessories, some basic questions must be taken into account. First of all, to optimize space to accommodate more people.

Second homes are often smaller than city apartments. In a small apartment, space is a luxury not to be wasted. This is why furniture must satisfy more than one function without losing sight of style and if they are cheap, so much the better. For this reason, you can consider replacing your old sofa with a new comfortable sofa bed.

A convertible sofa can add some extra beds to accommodate friends and walls during the holiday. And if the house is very small (one-room or two-room) then it can become the main bed for some family members. In both cases, it is necessary to pay close attention to the models and measures of the wide offer found in the shops.

Before choosing the sofa bed you should consider three things:

  • Look for a sofa that fits your style and the rest of the living room decoration. Don’t buy a sofa just because it’s on offer or cheap if it doesn’t fit in with your furniture. You would regret it soon.
  • Opt for a comfortable sofa, if in the end, you’ll use it a lot as a sofa rather than a bed. If instead, the sofa bed becomes one of the main beds of the family, choose it with a comfortable mattress and it is easy to do and unpack every day.
  • Consider the measurements and dimensions, so that when you want to turn it into a bed you have enough space, without having to move all the furniture in the house.

In this selection, you can see sofa beds of all prices and styles (many are discounted now). Find the one that meets your needs and that will suit your apartment or vacation home.