Often, in the new city apartments with small surface areas or in holiday homes, the problem of space is in the first place. For this reason, the function of furniture becomes vital, which must make the most of every available centimeter. Even with a few square meters available, you can get comfortable and spacious living solutions.

The strategy we recommend is to invest in some versatile and transformable furniture, the so-called space-saving furniture, which perform multiple functions. They are very smart furnishings and suitable especially for medium-small sized apartments.

A furnishing element of this type is undoubtedly the extendable console table.

The convenience of having a convertible console consists of the fact that it is easy to move and lengthen and requires the smallest footprint in everyday life.

When closed, it can be placed against the wall or behind the sofa, placed in a corner or used as a divider, always offering a comfortable tabletop. But here, in just a few gestures, it turns into a comfortable dining table to accommodate friends and relatives without problems. Two pieces of furniture combined in one space-saving solution!

It is a console, which also serves as a dining table for when you have the idea of ​​inviting friends to dinner or hosting family reunions.

The console measures 90×40 cm when closed, but can be extended up to 300 cm, accommodating up to 12 people.

It has several extensions, depending on the maximum length you want to obtain and the advantage is that it has a leg that can hold the extensions when they are not used.

A model of the same brand is particularly interesting, for those who need to have, if necessary, a very long table: this is the Plutone extendable 6-meter console with extension holders.

This console table extendable up to almost 6 meters in length, can be adapted to suit your needs: from a romantic tee-a-tete to a family lunch, to a big party.

The price is very affordable because of VE.CA. produces its own products, which it sells online on its website. In this way, you can reduce costs and have more competitive prices, for products that arrive already assembled and ready for use.

Many of us have little space at home and above all … we have too many guests to invite! If you want to optimize the space of your home, with practical consoles with a clean design, keep in mind the space-saving products of VE.CA.