If you simply want a nicer home because you deserve one, without ruining your bank account, you can find it surprisingly easy. In this post, there are nine things you can do quickly enough that they cost very little.

We live in a world that is constantly changing. If once buying second-hand seemed reserved only for those with few economic resources, now it is universally accepted that recycling and reusing old furniture and objects are not only smart but also eco-friendly, as well as being a great way to save money.

In short, reusing, recovering, recycling has become «cool» and it is certainly the right way to have something original and personal in your interior.

New furniture doesn’t necessarily make a nice home. We as interior designers think that the best houses are those that have a mix of objects and furniture, like a vintage lamp, an inherited table or the carpet of your childhood. These are the things that add character and life to a room.

These recovered pieces easily carry a note in “lived” shabby chic, vintage, boho-chic or even industrial note in the furnishing of our home.

A little imagination can do a lot, but here are some photos from which to take inspiration to obtain a more contemporary and fresh aesthetic even with recovered elements.

The magic of white

If after many moves or in the rented house you find yourself with a jumble of furniture, of different styles and ages, try painting everything in white. A coat of white or neutral paint immediately creates a harmonious whole, even in the most heterogeneous group of furnishings and accessories.

You can give the paint as evenly as in the Scandinavian style or give a shabby chic look with the technique that mimics wear.

The old grandmother’s dark walnut headboard, the 70s chair, the table without particular charm, the chest of drawers in anonymous pine wood, will all take on a fresher appearance with a coat of clear varnish and will be joined to each other thanks to the color uniformity.

But remember: in a totally white environment, a darker touch is needed to give depth.

Mix & match of chairs

A very current trend is to create a dining area with a simple table and some chairs recovered in the attic or purchased for little money in flea markets, as long as they are different from one another. The mismatched chairs can be of different materials (wood, metal, plastic …), from different eras and also different backgrounds. The important thing is that you can mix perfectly.

If the essence of the various woods contrasts or the colors are too different, you can also think about giving a coat of paint. If you love color, chairs painted in different shades will give you a cheerful and playful result. With a single shade of color, but in gradation, you’ll get something absolutely original.

If instead, you love neutral colors, very different chairs, all-white or gray or black, will make you have a dining area, which everyone would like to copy. In particular, a palette of light and neutral colors, with some dark accents, will help you give depth and make the whole more interesting.

The famous pallet

We often see it now among blogs and interior design magazines, the creative reuse of wooden pallets, originally intended for the transport of goods, is one of the main trends in Up-cycling. They are green and versatile (because they are modular) and DIY enthusiasts use them in many different ways: small tables on wheels, a bed base or a sofa, desks, etc. In short, inspiration is not lacking.

Old furniture

Combining rustic, old-style and vintage furniture with more contemporary elements is one of the most current trends. In this way, they will make your environment unique, far from the perfect and stereotypical image of a furnishing catalog. Let’s talk about cabinets, sideboards, chests of drawers, bedside tables…

All these pieces of furniture (especially those of little value) if they are not in good condition, can change appearance with the paint. Playing with the finish, you get the look you want!

Old doors and shutters

We learned from the Provencal style to recover the old shutters to create headboards for the beds or decorative panels in the living room.

The old doors can be used for the same purposes, but also as tabletops and desks (just two stands). With a little sanding and painting, you can get clothes hangers for the entrance, photo frames, blackboards, decorative panels…

In short, we also do not neglect these elements, generally destined for the dump, which with little help to give personality to every environment.

Old windows

As with doors and shutters, even old windows can find new and original uses in our homes.

One of the most interesting is to use them as transparent partition walls, which recall the beautiful glass walls of industrial-type so fashionable lately.

Old suitcases and trunks

They bring with them the idea of ​​travel and their lived appearance is no less interesting. They immediately transform us into adventurous globetrotters and are perfect for use in the bedroom, as in the living room.

Paintings and posters

Don’t try to find a Van Gogh among the paintings and prints sold in the markets! It is enough that you like the landscape or the scene and that the frame is beautiful (yes yes you can also use the empty frame). Place them on the wall or on the floor, they will come alive with a new light in your room.


It doesn’t take much to create a small collection that adds personality and character to a corner of your home, like a set of mirrors, vases, cups, glass bottles or other objects that attract attention.

You can buy them for little at antique or second-hand markets. Simply choose a common theme, such as color for example.