How to furnish the whole house harmoniously (but with personality!)

When dealing with furnishing an entire house, how can you combine all the different furnishings and elements in a harmonious way?

The houses that perfectly combine multiple styles are also the most beautiful, interesting and full of personality. But how is it possible to combine different styles without running the risk of creating a house that lacks cohesion and looks like a bunch of random things? Or, vice versa, how can you avoid creating environments with perfectly “matched” furnishings, but which lack character?

Although we remain convinced that the idea is to contact a professional, it is still possible to create harmonious atmospheres taking into account some simple, but essential tips!


The choice of colors is one of the simplest ways to ensure harmony in a space. Thinking about color in home furnishings has a huge impact on how a room is perceived.

Our advice is to think about the colors you will use throughout the house, rather than choosing a room-by-room combination. You can definitely play with different color accents in the rooms, but it is useful to choose a basic color combination from which to start, which will be the main theme of the whole house.

The colors must be chosen and dosed according to the type of space: dimensions, proportions, natural brightness.

If in doubt, opt for neutral and sober tones. The white walls are not sad, on the contrary, they widen the space and become a canvas on which to intervene with furniture, objects, and accessories. The trendy gray can make an old piece very contemporary and completely renew a space. Not to mention the many nuances proposed. At this neutral palette, you can add color accents, which create interest.


There is a trick that professionals use: creating a mood board. It is a bulletin board where all the inspirations related to the project to be realized are pointed out: magazine clippings, sketches, fabrics, color combinations and anything else that allows defining the whole.

It is really worth creating a bulletin board of inspirations when you approach the design of interior space, whether you have clear ideas or not. You can also create a virtual one with Pinterest, even if a physical bulletin board is easier to edit. It is a really useful way to visualize all the ideas, avoiding that enthusiasm and overexposure to stimuli (it is easy to fall in love with so many different styles of furniture) will lead you to a harmonious whole.

We always start with a mood board in which we insert the first sketches of the environments, the basic colors, the styles and the furniture that we think are suitable for the project. From here we start to refine the style according to the customer’s requests, adding or changing photos and elements depending on how they best combine together.


If you read our blog, you will know by now that the prevailing trend in the interior design of these years is that which focuses on a mix of well-balanced styles and furnishings, rather than focusing on a single language. This is to prevent your home from appearing a little anonymous, like a showroom.

We know that the concept of «mix and match» can be difficult to implement, without the right precautions. But we invite you to experiment, selecting, for example, a couple of different styles. Choosing some styles that combine well together (for example Scandinavian and shabby chic or industrial and vintage 50s) and using them throughout the house is a great way to add personality, but still, have a harmonious look.


Just because you just bought a new house doesn’t mean you have to buy all the furniture you find around that you think is beautiful. Look carefully at the dimensions of the rooms and think about your needs.

Stay on the essentials and with time and experience, you will add new elements that adapt to your personal style. Remember that «less is better»!



Textile elements, such as carpets, upholstery fabrics, curtains, and cushions add personality and allow a home relooking, without doing anything permanent. But even here it is useful to consider a general theme in all the rooms.

Neutral fabrics always work, but if you’re trying to add color or pattern notes, you can play with styles that combine well together or complementary colors and patterns. To add uniformity, without becoming boring, an environment must find the right harmony in the fabrics, whether it be nuances, patterns or textures.


Here is the sector where you can experiment to give personality: furnishing accessories for home decoration. Paintings, vases, candles, frames, baskets… all these objects will bind thanks to the chosen color combination, but you can also dare a little more so that in each room there is an «unexpected» element that attracts ‘caution.

No need to add decorative elements anywhere, minimalism is always the best choice, when you don’t really have clear ideas.


Finally, what can be used to link all environments? The plants certainly, which bring a bit of nature and freshness throughout the house. Plants are a timeless inspiration, perfect for interior design. Just a few houseplants or a bunch of fresh flowers on the table to make a room more welcoming.

For those without a green thumb, succulent plants and cacti have become the darling of interior design. There are no more excuses. It is always possible to decorate a corner with seasonal flowers or plants. A nice way to always have a new «decor», without having to spend much.