When we want to renovate a home environment, wall decoration with wallpaper is one of the most creative options. Considered for years a demodé decoration (after the boom of the ’60s and’ 70s), wallpaper today is returning to our homes, thanks also to new technologies, which allow it to be so varied and versatile to meet all needs.

Your entrance, living room and bedroom are just some of the spaces in the home that can benefit from a touch of color and imagination given by the wallpaper. So, find out how you intend to use the wallpaper in your home depending on the effect you want to achieve. Here are the various options:

Cover all four walls. A classic and simple design, like vertical stripes, on all four walls, gives an elegant, fresh and contemporary look.

Customize a single wall. To highlight a wall of a room, for example behind the sofa, the bed, in the entrance or on the stairs, choose a decorative wallpaper, in style with your furniture.

Wallpaper with wall paneling. For a classic or romantic look, create a wall paneling effect with a wooden or plaster frame that divides the wall horizontally. You can paint the part under the frame of a solid color and lay a floral or striped wallpaper at the top.

Niches or wall portions. If an entire plastered wall scares you or is out of your budget, consider using wallpaper as an accent to highlight an area of ​​a room: a niche used as a bookcase, a portion of a wall to be used as a headboard of the bed. Wallpaper can also help define a space, which has a completely different function, let’s think for example of a rectangle that visually delimits the area dedicated to the study corner.

Wallpaper on the ceiling. In some cases (especially in houses with high ceilings) the wallpaper can also be laid on the ceiling to obtain a particularly decorative effect. But it must be said that it is not for everyone.

Renew furniture or accessories. With leftover rolls of wallpaper, you can renovate some furniture or make decoration projects. An old buffet, a chest of drawers or a stool, everything will acquire character and personality! To prevent the so-decorated furniture from getting dirty you can protect it with transparent and waterproof paint. Another easy decorating idea is to frame some pieces of wallpaper, which become creative works of art. The possibilities are endless!

More than a trend, wallpaper never fails to reinvent itself, to surprise us and satisfy our expectations, so as to fit perfectly into contemporary interiors. The new wallpaper designers, often anticipating new trends, create wonderful works of art for our walls. The range of colors, patterns, textures, and effects is wider than ever and helps highlight the entire furniture, reinforcing the style of the home.

  • The light striped wallpaper helps to give character and creates a refined and relaxing atmosphere.
  • The geometric wallpaper is very trendy at this time. Whether in or pastel tones, it can accentuate the Nordic style of some furniture.
  • And if we love vintage style we can get to the macro geometric designs of the 70s.
  • Floral wallpaper is always much loved and depending on the design, proportions, and colors it can be adapted to romantic and country chic environments to eclectic boho chic, up to the most contemporary.
  • Then there are some wallpapers that look like realistic backgrounds. If you like, for example, the industrial style with wallpaper you can get to have a cheaper brick wall or cement, practical and easy to maintain than a «real» wall of this type.
  • A design wallpaper is more contemporary and glamorous, especially when it goes on dark tones with classy glossy and metallic details.

Finally, some tips before buying the wallpaper:

  • Request a sample. Hang it on the wall to get an idea of ​​how the drawing will appear on the real scale and depending on the light that illuminates it, you’ll see if it meets your expectations.
  • Try before you buy it. If you have any doubts about the wallpaper to choose and you can’t make a decision, make a small investment and buy a roll. Place it along the wall and see how it feels. It is always better than putting paper everywhere and then discovering that it is not how you imagined it.
  • Consider the style of the house. Take a good look at all your furniture, if you already have a well-defined color palette or obvious patterns on curtains, bedspreads, and sofas, to try not to create too many contrasts.
  • Think of the ladder. In general, a pattern of small-scale patterned wallpaper creates a feeling of spaciousness, but can «get lost» in larger rooms. Larger scale models can make the room more intimate.