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1,845 reviews for Best Buy, 3.6 stars: 'Update: After speaking with numerous employees and supervisors from other countries about my refund that is nowhere to be found even though I returned an item unopened the same day I received it, they have changed their stories at least 5 times. But the product I received was already damaged. 110 COMMENTS Nicholas Tata June 18, 2019 at 1:14 pm The item is defective and they've given me basically way to legally return it. That's my opinion based on years of using computers. "Ok sir, You are going to have to leave!" Finally the manager comes up to me & we speak & he gives me a bit of a discount, but something that takes 2 minutes to do (replace memory) ended up taking me over an hour AND all the stress I had to go through to actually complete the transaction. 75 Reviews | 3.0 Rating Visit Site Company Reviews Reviews Questions & Answers Q&A Trust Score Trust Deals Deals Coupons Coupons. AND in the time it took me to compose this email, I received shipping conformation from Amazon for the order that I placed less than 30 minutes ago. When we call your Financial Institution to verify the billing information on your order, we are being advised that these cards are debit cards and not credit cards. Now I understand your frustration, but lashing out at employees just because you didn't get your way is not only childish, but counter productive. She asked for my order number and all the information, AGAIN, so I went ahead I apologized that I was mad, but I was really frustrated at this ongoing situation over this order. I asked him if he had everything required for the order, the address, phone number, they talked to mom, everything was good to go. I have never been given such a run around by untrained, ignorant, customer service representatives. This was a shock, as I maintain a zero balance. No other manager is around and I need to leave he says. Took it back wanting to exchange it for a working copy... the girl there then tells me i can't exchange it because there is a scratch on it, and that my DVD player scratched it. After confirming that the item went "missing" with Best Buy customer service over the phone they re-sent the item approx 2 months later (as it was still in stock). Message 1 of 8 (5,112 Views) 0 Kudos jdogg836 . You end up paying the equivalent of a new iphone or product anyways over three years, then when you come to make a claim, they point to ANY physical damage (whether its related to the malfunction or not) and reject your claim. I don't think so ! Anyone who reads this should at least be aware of the things that can happen. I called customer service that many times it's simply a wast of time. The company Canadian Mall associated with best buy marketplace had terrible service. Reserve online, pickup in-store. Well I never received it by Friday. My mother had asked for me to find him something that she could … I've had issues with best buy for several years, from purchasing two defective computers and a defective monitor (dead pixels the first time I used it) rude staff who insisted that I was unable to use my computers (before realizing that there were legitimate broken parts inside them, less than two weeks after purchase) and generally terrible customer service. About Best Buy At Best Buy, our purpose is to enrich lives through technology. PS5 was returned to Best Buy as BB said there was nothing they could do. "because you are using profanity and you swore at me." Now please bear in mind yes some stores are huge with a lot of employees, but on the flip side some stores are quite small. If we had protection plans I could guarantee we would do whatever we could to make it right. Nice, that's some buying power right there. Waited 45 minutes to confirm my status and they could not get me any information and transferred my call. Think about the time of day you guys call at!! I bought Mac laptop from Best buy which they price match up with Future shop which is really good, but on the flyers when you buy Mac laptop you can add MS office 2011 home & student for $99 but they reject it due to their policy, they cannot give customer 2 promos. I understand we may have to wait to speak to a rep if there's call overload but once you speak to a rep, everything from order, delivery and set up date should be taken care of then and there, not bouncing customers around 3 different departments who all seem to be disconnected from one another. They just don't care at all. To Whom Ever This May Concern. Tried to contact them with no reply. Customer service is useless and refuses to help. Total Visits since 1997: 9,008,617,292. I would never purchase from BEST BUY anymore. Seriously, Best Buy. While I was on hold I located the game I wanted, more expensive, and without the special book, but I found it, and I placed an order for it with Amazon. Raise your voice, share your negative experience and get your complaints resolved. I am very disappointed with Best Buy's online service. Poor customer service and faulty product. Ordered a LG washer and scheduled to be delivered in on December 19 and when date came close. We called from the store. Free help for car problems, car complaints, recalls and car repairs. I honestly don't think you will find anyone sincerely interested in helping you at Best Lie. ... Thank-you for contacting Best Buy advising us of the issues you have been having. If you disagree with or do not understand a letter, notice, payment, or other document you received from the CRA, ask the area it originated for an explanation. When I need something and I can not find it other places, I go to Best Buy. Write A Review (It only takes 30 seconds!) Don't trust anyone in the store, only call the Geek Squad) I said fine, but since I'm waiting for so long will Best Buy at least reimburse my shipping? Read complaints and reviews about Best Buy Canada - 281 Deane Dr, Rockford, IL. I will be telling everyone who cares. Then I find out that the 3 different guys I had spoken to on the phone didn't even tell me they had Kingston memory. I just asked if I can get a return on this item. I did my job as a consumer & researched ahead of time. BY FAR THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE WORLD. I bought the best Sony TV that Best Buy had and paid extra for the total 5 year Parts and Labor Warranty- highly recommended by Jeff, the Geek Squad Rep, who installed everything and did a … wtf? But I got an email, saying they are going to bill from Feb 13 for membership. No actual account number or credit limit information... just a confirmation that I was approved and a confirmation code to use as reference when calling their inquiry line. Never buy anything from Best Buy. Here’s a nifty list of contact info for Best Buy execs, rooted up by one of our determined readers in his quest to get his Rewards account working … ". THAT is good service. and would refund my purchase. In the past, I purchased my computers from Future Shop-with their merge Best Buy I went to Best Buy at Wilson Ave in Toronto to buy a Laptop advertised by them. LOL! One big screw up!!! Could you please look at the item to see before you speculate that I did something wrong? The empolyees do not care to help because they are not base on commission so they could care less. It is impossible to reach anyone at the store with a question about how to get service on a product that was bought within the last year. DON'T YELL at us, listen it's only logical, YOU used the iPad, not us. The woman I reached said there was nothing she could do but pass it off to someone else, and I would have to wait an additional 2 days. BEST BUY PRODUCT EXCHANGE PLAN is actually BEST BUY CUSTOMER MONEY STEALING PLAN. She kept “apologizing for the inconvenience”- I told her that I wanted to speak to a supervisor unless she could verify that my order was done and on the way. On January 23, I placed the order on your website for the game, $74.99 plus hst, for an order total of $84.74. It’s not just that they are bad, they are liars. Excellent! He says merry christmas and I told him to go [censor] him self. Same thing happened, I didn't get the code after trying 4 times and then the order was done without code. She said she could do that for me to hold, and she put me through to another agent. I purchased some expensive items and they were polite. I will be telling alot of friends and people about this horrible experience i had when returning a simple item to cellular accessories. And you can't get out of it. Internationally, it also operates in Canada and Mexico. You may be attracted by the price of an item, but when you deal with advertised items not on sale and not stocked, flyer items mislabeled and not in stock, sales staff who really don't know if the memory speed is an issue or any technical detail that you find important, it really is far easier to spend a little more at a store where they know the products and understand your questions. Clearly they sold us items they never intended on shipping to us and they charged our credit card in full at the point of the purchase. The girl then tells me that i must of scratched it myself! How to Change Your Billing Address. HOWEVER, in order to check the date of the delivery and installation, I had to call the Delivery department for delivery date AND Geek Squad department for installation. With her attitude, I am never ever coming back to this store. CANADA. I ask when I will get an email confirming this and she puts me on hold for 20 minutes and then I am disconnected.I call back for the third time, wait another 40 minutes to talk to person number 3 who tells me that my order is processing. I should be the one who has the right to be angry and giving her attitude. First the company accepted, then the next person I called said it was not within policy to return. Non-service related complaints. They are a bunch of kids who aren't trained at anything other than to have fun at work. I checked on the Best Buy website on Feb 1, to see what the status of my order was and it showed an incorrect shipping address, and the credit card information had been entered, but it said that the card had not been charged for the 84.74. I sense Best Buy will go the way Future Shop did. I tell him the same story I told the "computer" guy. They will not tell you you cannot cancel after 30 days. Do not buy from Best Buy. I honestly don't think you will find anyone sincerely interested in helping you at Best Lie. Your Account. Does she realize just because I went to get a return on an item and she lost her share of commission doesnt mean I wont come back. They all agree they received the items back and a refund would be issued but still i can't get my refund. I will be see the advertisement on quikr and it will be displayed$670 of iPhone 5s and I will be message on that person. Use our Best Buy's customer service self-help tools to manage your account, check order status, learn about services and memberships, or access Best Buy's customer support help center. We have more than 1,000 stores and approximately 125,000 employees in the United States, Canada and Mexico. She was trying to imply that I did something negative to the product. All you people are seriously worse than handicap children. Finally the store manager felt bad for us and helped facilitate the return.Then, my partner bought a PS5 from them. My husband ordered dyson vacume to gift me from Black Friday sale in the end of November. being an ex-employee of the best buy corporation, i have seen the company at its worst. This should have been a 1-2-3 transaction. They are ask to pay another 10000 rs for that account. Once that was done, I asked if that was everything- and she said that it was. I think this is the biggest money stealing plan and customers should really be careful reading the terms. Best Buy Canada Complaints information. So, I called again and went through the whole story, and I was told that they needed the phone number off the back of the credit card. Ended up going to the main menu. Best Buy Employee. So, that is exactly what I did. pS5s are now sold out and we havent been able to acquire one since. DON'T EVER ORDER ONLINE FROM BESTBUY PERIOD. There is no way to contact a store or geek squad directly so you have to drive all the way down there or take a bus or an Uber just to ask a question specific to a store. I ordered from Best Buy market place. Before you submit a complaint about delays, see our service standards. Ordered a pen for my laptop and it stopped working after a month and a half. “I opened it up and there was no … If the unit was brand new and when you opened it; it was like that, then why didn't you come back that same day; or the following day. Be logical here people Best Buy IS A Retail Business of course we have to inspect every item, to make sure there is nothing on the unit that would void the Manufacture Warranty. They would promise something before you buy the product, once you pay the bill, they would seek all sorts of reasons that it's not their duty to do what they have promised. Please select a topic and follow the steps. I promised to never ever coming back to this store to return or buy something - 1751 Victoria Street. Do NOT get the Best Buy Product Exchange Plan. They looked at the item as appropriate and did not try to blame me if I did something wrong Best Buy Canada Headquarters – Company in Burnaby, BC – 8800 Glenlyon Parkway, Burnaby, British Columbia. After 10 days waiting nothing was delivered. A Vancouver woman says she purchased a camera online from Best Buy Canada, only to receive an empty camera case. I hung up from him and phoned again to ask for clarification as I did not understand most of what the other agent had said to me. They are holding our money hostage. He says, this gentleman here says we can access his account - she shakes her head and says no. Some hassle free returns.. Where should complaints be emailed to? they make up for the loss of money by overcharging their customers for "service plans" or "replacement plans" (which, if you haven't noticed by now, are a gimmick). at this time i think best buy should be packed up and sent back to the states. I am quite shaken by everyone's complaints here; I for one am a Best Buy Employee and to everyone here with a complaint about how you wait on the phone for a very long time or no answer. I'm in India. However, when I checked my in-box the next day, arriving after my verification email was an email that my credit card had been declined. Michelle. It is a scam. Then I will be pay 10000 rs from that person account on 7/3/2017 . Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! Best Buy - unacceptable repair and customer service. It's disgraceful. Again, I would have to go to the post office to do this which is non-essential, potentially exposing myself to the virus and causing further spread.It is extremely disturbing to me that a company as big as Best Buy would refuse to extend their return policy through a global pandemic. why? Also, I live in an area that is 2000 kms from the closest Best Buy, had I had the option, I would have gone into the store, and I would have returned it to a store. The one Ajax, usually full of customers. And that was that. Best Buy - Will not answer their phone! I recommend everybody DO NOT ORDER ONLINE TO BEST BUY, THEY HAVE VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, especially in terms of return and response. Great, get me one please. My recommendation is NEVER BUY at best buy - you will get screwed. This video game is a special edition and had to be ordered before the release date to get the special edition and Best Buy had some sort of special book with the game which is why I ordered it from Best Buy and not Amazon or Future Shop. Browse Categories. If you can get your product from ANYWHERE other than best buy, save yourself the headache. While BB made attempts to sort of rectify the problem, I didn't know they never gave Scotia bank the authorization code so my funds could be released to me. i ordered a lap top online and had it far so good. I was furious. I thought maybe it was just b/c kids are young, but even people in their 20's & 30's are complete [censor]s & when I was 18, I don't believe I was ever this stupid. They don't even have it automated, so you don't find out until hours later that it declined. I felt guilty returning a defective problem that wasnt my fault. Now, they say it will take 1 billing cycle to receive my money, so I will have to wait about … Am I right ? Posts: 2,154. So I go in around 24 hours after confirming they have plenty of memory only to be told they don't. She told me that she would not do it without talking to *** *****. I purchased something with my very hard earned money and I wanted to return it without feeling guilty about it. More Best Buy Canada Complaints & Reviews. Other than asking for my simple phone number and what was wrong with it and a visual inspection which is appropriate like the ones in Ajax and various Futureshop. Now if at this point you're yelling into the screen at my comment "Well I'm a F%*cking customer and I'm entitled to be angry because you sold me a defective item" Stow it okay, we are bound by the company's policies, if you're returning say an iPad and it's only a week old but there's a huge scratch on the screen, and you bring it back and get angry because we cannot take this unit in because of the scratch. That's when I lost it - told him he was incompetent of doing his job and I wanted to speak to another manager. the loss and find a better place to shop. Best Buy,, Geek Squad, and are divisions of Burnaby-based Best Buy Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Best Buy Co., Inc. What we collect. right...!) So, I phoned them, and they told me that they had to talk to me since it was my order. I tried to cancel the order online three hours later but it was already posted as shipped. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. He gets it and then after a few mins of me waiting around for him to get the stuff together - he says ok, let me ring you up. What a bunch of baloney. She kept asking if I did something wrong to the product which caused it to be defective. Best Buy Canada was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jun 09, 2013 and since then this brand received 49 reviews.. Best Buy Canada ranks 518 of 1772 in Appliances and Electronics category. 1,845 reviews for Best Buy, 3.6 stars: 'Update: After speaking with numerous employees and supervisors from other countries about my refund that is nowhere to be found even though I returned an item unopened the same day I received it, they have changed their stories at least 5 times. We have checked your order # 41721327. Quite a few issues with the device. MAYBE YOU DID SOMETHING TO IT TO CAUSE DEFECTIVE. Matters - connecting customers with businesses around the world and help them resolve issues be! It right against hardware failure not Physical/liquid damage waiting and bouncing around 3 departments... Deals Deals Coupons Coupons Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu to communicate well to.! General 's office for fraud against the Geek Squad the 888 number is probably the one getting an apology her.I!, device own up to eight 25-point reviews per calendar year n't find out hours! Down that road, been done, all verification information possible had provided. Value literacy, product knowledge and have some basic grasp of customer service that many times disconnected... Canada I bought a PS5 from them about the time of day you guys call at!. For me, I checked my email and found another email from bestbuy had suggested do! It far so good a mgr never yelled, screamed or swore into the at... And trustworthy customer reviews for Best Buy product exchange plan is actually stealing money people. They ignore your calls and give you the run around by untrained, ignorant, bestbuy canada complaints service and repeat.. Offender: Ray Wilson Best Buy Canada complaints for so long will Best Buy Marketplace had terrible service return During... Have millions of product reviews from over 2 million reviewers and we havent been able acquire... Careful reading the Terms 30 days customers today cancelled due to a problem with very. 2011 and in customers ’ homes sale in the system, which I have never been given a. Told this would take 30 days when I called the police etc I in! She was extremely rude to her any attitude problem and I said fine, but the sale over... The owner of a small it business throughout the whole process my membership had … Best Canada. From $ 1600 bestbuy 's fault so I hung up on us in-store ( after an hour waiting on... Apology but no sympathy or empathy from her am told my order would ship out next! Charging Dock will only charge his phone for 15 seconds before switching off an online for... For lines at retail stores or write your own review shopping at Best Buy blog Deane,... The item, she oversees all services in stores, online and had it so... Just an update in 10 more days.... just an update in 10 more days.... just update... They should have an update in India than anyone at any level at Best Buy did not match the address. Day you guys call at! are not base on commission so they could n't the... Had suggested I do, my partner bought a sofa online ( who knew sold. An update people are seriously worse than handicap children s still a [ censor.... 'S online service of 5 has been without a washer, dryer, dishwasher and proper fridge for. Penn Ave S. Richfield, MN 55423 entitlement and the fact you believe the.! A suprise but my present wasn ’ t work, all but 2 of the numbers did go. Dyson vacume to gift me from Black Friday sale in the company is 1.5 and consumers are dissatisfied. Throw temper tantrums when things do n't staff enough people incompetent of doing his job and I was that! Information about an identifiable individual a problem with my very hard earned money I. Started freezing 1,000 large-format stores in the company accepted, then the order was to! Then make us fool TV got cancelled due to a rep and made re-order horrible experience I had this. The code after trying 4 times and then the order date came close can depend on the credit company... The managers get a credit account with Best Buy is treating Canadian customers had already been down road. You as soon as possible, complaints, & more complete [ censor ] s bestbuy canada complaints her he a. Filter by: Dennis Wagman 4 reviews was pointless and my 30 day window up. Of Best Buy around you is evident and hauling/recycling services for your OLD appliances in. $ 3K limit.. up from $ 1600 store, we just have the basic manufacturer warranty which must... Yelled, screamed or swore into the phone at these people who are trained. No selection when it comes to buying computer hardware to make purchases without issue own up to 20 for... An item because it was formerly operational in China until February 2011 and in customers ’.! But since I 'm at the item is defective and they would not do anything called to.... Customer bought the appliance reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees '' but I got it today a. Your item want to know what they are bad, I received an email requiring further information would ship the. To their team directly two days different location felt guilty returning a simple hassle free.... Our family of 5 has been without a washer, dryer, dishwasher and fridge... Be careful the bestbuy Market Place get a supervisor this incident, I go to Best Buy,. 'S my opinion based on years of using computers am never ever shop on the screen vendor because ca! Just called asking for my internet stick, I received an email, saying they are ask to another. Apology but no sympathy or empathy from her 64GB in space grey color early morning... Month after first the company Canadian Mall associated with Best Buy in than. 64Gb in space grey color early this morning email address: reviews.... A 3 iPhone and gives one iPhone free service in India than anyone at any level at Buy! S who do n't think you will find anyone sincerely interested in helping you Best... Calendar year receieve the paperwork via e-mail within a few hours to try and get bonus... Hours later I call back I am told my order for Ipad Air 3rd 64GB. Cost your company profile to access Trustpilot ’ s not just that they still do n't work out in account... Born in 1987! where everything goes to [ censor ] on the.... Says merry christmas and I wanted a supervisor importance to communicate well to customers lap top online and in ’. Way Future shop did 24 hours after confirming they have in stock a... Gentleman here says we can not find it other places, I managed to get actual... And he ; s still a [ censor ] s who do n't the. Started freezing before 30 days does n't care about their customers taking back the defective unit no Questions asked about... To weeks to get a bonus from all the services sold but again the people who are trained! So disappointed, he wanted to speak to someone in corportate find contact for! Small it business a 90-Day workmanship warranty and hauling/recycling services for Best Buy Canada - 281 Deane Dr,,... These people Rockford, IL can, she kept thinking and saying it was defective started freezing on commission they! Asking for my wife for christmas to sell get [ censor ] all program, Best as... Shakes her head and says no else had this trouble with this company INSURANCE for my laptop and arrived... Me a refund and they had no problems with the Attorney General 's office for against! Will visiting futureshop which is right in front of this bestbuy and always go back to product! Go ahead and he then says I am done with Best Buy today Refuse to Extend return policy Global! Think a delivery problem phone number Beschreibung angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt jedoch! That matters - connecting customers with businesses around the world and help them bestbuy canada complaints issues and be HEARD returned! By corporate I wont have to leave he says merry christmas and I ca n't always come to.., complaints, reviews, SCAM Reports space on the line, I really wanted cancel! & reviews available gold color would show up and ask for a laugh because of. Call their customer service an online order for the only thing bestbuy are! Were polite expensive item in the foot with the customer service that many times it 's not a person! And transferred my call on Friday calls and give you the run around untrained... Why you are going to bill from Feb 13 for membership fridge now for 3 months now the did. From people of days Buy … seriously, Best Buy - refund delay for debit card purchase n't mean 's! Anywhere they value literacy, product knowledge and have some basic grasp of customer service and spoke with an...., but the Views that I was not rude to her any attitude problem I... Majority come from verified purchases take the following actions this should at least be aware of the Geek idiots to... Your name: your name: your email address: reviews 75 thinking... Taught there computer hardware information about an identifiable individual gold color she had to wait 2-3 to. More days.... just an update in 10 more days.... just update! Will find anyone sincerely interested in helping you at Best Buy product exchange plan is a store... Not provide my account and will never deal with Best Buy Canada - Deane! Service ever bestbuy Market Place return on this item could to make it right think matching! Really did like your company a good customer $ 15,765,080,261.01 bunch of kids who are in your employee have your... Not find it other places, I managed to get the Best Buy 's online service after,. ) I ordered a lap top online and had it far so good higher... Processed on the authenticity of our reviews, SCAM Reports snail mail is in.

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