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Both Donkey Kong 64 and Super Smash Bros. Melee imply that K. Rool is somewhat insane and demented. His orange costume resembles Kerozene from the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Re-Koil from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. Birdo | "Crime Wave" Clyde | In this story, K. Rool sends several members of the Kremling Krew to steal all the bananas on Donkey Kong Island, apparently hoping to starve the Kongs to make them weaker. Top Man | Necrozma | Although he is not shown to be hit by Galeem's beams directly, like every fighter except Kirby, he is nevertheless vaporized off-screen and subsequently imprisoned, where Puppet Fighters of him are created. Emerl | Anyone mind explaining why he did need one? Croco | Walhart | When he becomes Baron K. Roolenstein, he wears a white lab coat, a small black wig, and has a propeller on his back. Eventually, K. Rool's henchmen succeed in repairing the Blast-o-Matic, just as the Kongs break into Hideout Helm, and K. Rool demands that the weapon be fired, despite the warnings that if it is not fully tested, it could explode. In Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Land, using his trademark attack, King K. Rool attacks Donkey Kong or Diddy Kong by taking off his crown and throwing it at them, which can boomerang back to him. They briefly encounter King K. Rool, and tell him that they are going to blow up the ship. Buffaloafer | Fawful | Despite the fact that K. Rool can actually move faster on his feet, and the fact that the helicopter pack is his weakpoint in the game, it is necessary for his trap-based fighting strategy; it allows him to avoid his own electric beams by hovering over them. Box Boxer | Wolf O'Donnell | It is unknown what the Kongs did with him once they returned home. Rool is the villainous leader of a group of crocodilian raiders known as the Kremlings, who have crossed paths with the Kongs on many occasions. Originally King K. Rool's underbelly seemed to be covered in a chest plate that was golden in both texture and color. It is unknown if K. Rool is telling a joke, or if he actually has a wife. Fire Man | Arceus | Gleeok | According to Gregg Mayles (designer of Donkey Kong Country and the Banjo-Kazooie series) on Rareware.com's former "scribes" column, K. Rool's motivation for stealing the Banana Hoard is that he wants Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to starve to death so that he can occupy their treehouse, though why he wishes to do so is even less fully understood since a small treehouse is nothing in comparison to his numerous lairs and hideouts (although it could be an example of his deep insanity), or the true reason could be is that he wishes to occupy the treehouse as an example of his conquest over Donkey Kong (the current ruler of Donkey Kong Island) and he now considers himself its new ruler by residing in the treehouse. Gnawty | K Rool was named "Krudd"[4]. Billy Kane | He's also portrayed as a cowardly, but intelligent strategist that relies more on his intellect, as oppose to his mainstream counterpart who is capable of taking the Kongs head on in combat. Tusks | Exor | K. Rool is also a somewhat dirty and dangerous fighter. The series also expands King K. Rool's backstory slightly, with the episode "Best of Enemies" revealing that he was once friends with Cranky Kong and that the two were notorious pranksters; another episode entitled "The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights" also has King K. Rool mentioning his mother and various unnamed siblings. Unfortunately for K. Rool, the Kongs managed to pulverize his Kremling warriors. User Info: SorrowOfAcheron. Giga Bowser | Super Mario Bros. vs Akame ga Kill! It's gotten to the point that King K. Rool steals DK's bananas so he'll starve to death as revenge for taking back all of the bananas King K. Rool initially stole. Phantamanta | Hooktail | Metal Man | Klaptrap | King K. Rool is one of the most powerful batters in the entire game (tied with Bowser and Petey Piranha). In the animated series, K. Rool's physical appearance is slightly altered from his video game counterpart. His voice is radically different from the games, as in the animated series he had a fairly high voice with a Southern English accent, while in various games, he had a gurgling and growling voice, or sometimes a thunderous and intimidating baritone as in Donkey Kong 64. Squirt | Kremling Krew | False Diddy Kong | Galacta Knight | K. Rool gets stuck in the geyser, which continues building up energy until it explodes. Kritters | Specknoses | Ninja Kong | Palkia | K. Rool appears in several cutscenes with his unnamed pet Klaptrap, whom he strokes similarly to the way the James Bond villain Blofeld strokes his cat, being an obvious parody. Banzai Bills | Klobber | Chandelure | Snowmads | Best known for inventing the following phrases: See you later, alligator King K. Rool After a while, crocodile. K. Rool himself appears only near the end of the comic in the "Lost Land". Specter Knight | He is constantly bragging about his brain and emphasizes this by using long and sophisticated words. The brute strength that he possesses may rival or perhaps even surpass that of Donkey Kong and Chunky Kong. K. Rool mentions having a wife in Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!. Finally, Donkey Kong and the released Diddy Kong manage to reach K. Rool's ship, the Gangplank Galleon, where they face him in battle. Roc | The two Kongs then celebrate only to be stomped into the ground by an enlarged K. Rool, who proceeds to furiously chomp his jaws. In hindsight, it could have been something tonal like 'Kremling', or something deliberately out of character like Keith. Dogadon | Krusha | This is first seen in Donkey Kong Country 2, where his blunderbuss leaves a trail of smoke puffs, revealing where he is and in Donkey Kong 64, where only his shadow can be seen on the ground when he is invisible. Sumo Kong | In the Japanese version of Donkey Kong 64, K. Lumsy is said to be King K. Rool's little brother.[12]. Bluey the Walrus | Snaggles | Albert Wesker | King K Rool was a huge favorite to get into Super Smash Bros for years and now he’s finally playable in Ultimate. Kaptain K. Rool is also featured as the main antagonist in an obscure German Donkey Kong comic, Bumm-Badabumm im Urwald; however he is always referred to as King K. Rool. Bosses, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Trophies, Victory Road - Pokémon Ruby / Pokémon Sapphire. Donkey Kong | On top of wannabe zoner spam King K. Rool is/has: Super Armor on fucking everything even his FUCKING TAUNTS, how the hell do I even keep track of his belly armor because I can’t wait to Skewer these dazed fucks He can only play as a team player, and is, ironically, on Donkey Kong's team, despite the fact he hates DK and the Kongs. Koopalings: (Larry Koopa | Morton Koopa Jr. | Wendy O. Koopa | Iggy Koopa | Roy Koopa | Lemmy Koopa | Ludwig Von Koopa) | During the final battle of Donkey Kong 64, in his fight against Diddy Kong, King Krusha K. Rool is capable of throwing his boxing gloves as boomerangs. Meowth | Grouchy Possessor | Ryuji Yamazaki | Clubberskulls | Dark Emperor | Slimes (Dragon Quest) | King K. Rool is last seen having made a deal with Donkey Kong, in exchange for digging K. Rool out of the giant pile of fruit, K. Rool would have all the bananas returned to the Kongs. Shroobs | Tolstar | The last game he ever appeared in was Mario Super Sluggers, and in it, K. Rool and Bowser had bad chemistry. Pompy | K. Rool's eyes peek out the eggshell, perplexed. When King K. Rool notices Donkey, Diddy, and Cranky Kong are heading their way, they quickly flee the scene using a dimensional portal device known as a Spirowarp. Ender Dragon | Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Unlike his older sibling, K. Lumsy is kind-hearted and doesn't wish to harm the Kongs or their island home. Loptr | Giga Bowser | Chain Chomps | Did you play DK 64? King Croacus | Octoroks | Bouldergeist | Major Burrows | The real King K. Rool is eventually defeated in the Mysterious Dimension, freeing him. Dark Samus | Burt the Bashful | Skuttlers | In the Donkey Kong Country animated series, King K. Rool was voiced by Ben Campbell, while in the Japanese dub of the television series he was voiced by Jūrōta Kosugi. The battle against King Krusha K. Rool takes place in the boxing arena, where he is fought by all five Kongs during their respective round. Paper Macho Soldiers He also uses a type of barrel vehicle in Donkey Kong Barrel Blast. Waluigi | Strangely, K. Rool appears to no longer speak using words in Super Smash Bros. Throughout the game, he watches the Kongs' progress and chastises his own minions' failures. Zurees, Others At the end of the Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct broadcast on August 8, 2018, King K. Rool was revealed as a playable fighter in Super Smash Bros. It deals more damage if K. Rool is electrocuted by his own electric beams after being hit by multiple barrels. Elec Man | Kyle Merkulov | There are some changes made to his character, however, while the games have him act as a comical, but still ruthless tyrant who intimidated his underlings, the TV series has him be portrayed as a childish, ineffectual and foppish villain who actually had poor control over the other Kremlings, even being betrayed by Krusha in one situation. Demon King Arzodius | While he has not seriously gone incognito since Baron K. Roolenstein, for the final fight he goes by the moniker "King Krusha K. Rool" as a boxer. During the battle, Donkey Kong must use his charge attack to attack K. Rool while also watching out for K. Rool charging or hitting into him. For Super Smash Bros. Klaptrap | In a possible alternate timeline seen in the episode "It's a Wonderful Life", in which Donkey Kong sees what Kongo Bongo Island would be like if he did not exist, King K. Rool is portrayed as a somewhat timid freedom fighter in a feud with Diddy Kong, who is portrayed as a power-hungry tyrant. B. Locker | Kloak Meta-Knights (Axe Knight, Javelin Knight, Mace Knight, Trident Knight, Blade Knight) | [9] This is also seen in Donkey Kong 64, when he presumably executes a purple-haired Kasplat via a giant Klaptrap for calling him "fatso", not realizing that K. Rool was listening. Allies: Koopa Bros | In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, one of the names that appears when players press the "Random Name" button when naming their custom stage is "KROOL.". Plasm Wraith | The King Kruiser airships. This is the new era of DKC and K. rool isn't part of it. Mollusque-Lancuer | Tiki Tak Tribe (Kalimba | Gong-Oh | Maraca Gang | Wacky Pipes | Cordian | Banjo Bottom | Xylobone) | Count Bleck | Kip | Valentina | Nihilego | Similar to Donkey Kong Country 3, Baron K. Roolenstein is accessible only after KAOS is destroyed permanently (the two are bosses in different worlds). Master Hand | K. Rool and the Kremling Krew come to Donkey Kong Island to steal Donkey Kong's banana hoard; they encountered little resistance, as the only person guarding them was Donkey Kong's friend, Diddy Kong, whom they trap in a DK Barrel. Leon Powalski | Specifically, after KAOS is defeated a second time, Baron K. Roolenstein appears, stating he built KAOS from his wife's best pots and pans. King Dice | King K. Rool | Spark Man | Crazy Hand | Lord Nightmare | Master Kohga | Krunch | Team Rocket Grunts | He is the malevolent king of the Kremlings, the master of the Kremling Krew, and the archenemy of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Allies: Mugly | K. Rool is the ruthless and mentally unstable ruler of the Kremling race, who has on numerous occasions tried to steal Donkey Kong Diddy Kong's Banana Hoard and kidnap the big ape himself. King K. Rool comes aboard to Super Smash Bros. Donkey Kong goes after K. Rool to return them. Thugly | Liquid Snake | K. Rool's wristbands are more detailed, instead of being plain gold, as is his crown. Kalypso | Air Man | Stu | Bowser | King K. Rool being another unused character by producers discovers Blaze's new interest in sumo wrestling. When K. Rool is defeated, KAOS crashes on the ground, freeing Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Ornes | Wigglers | He is wearing a blue spandex suit, which has a thick, white stripe on both sides. Krow | Rhea | In spite of his hate for the Kongs, he is impressed by their skills in Mario Super Sluggers and is ironically on their team, though he makes it clear that he is only teaming up with them when playing baseball showing he is capable of putting aside his hatred for them and will team up with them if needed similar to Bowser. In this form, King K. Rool's only vulnerable spot is his face, which, once hit five times, depletes King K. Rool's health, depowering him and leaving him unconscious while the expelled Crystal Banana is claimed. A lot of you wanted me to take on the voice of another character, and what better character to play in a scenario involving eating, stuffing, and fattening than the king himself - King K. Rool. After three hits, K. Rool is defeated. Yiga Foot Soldiers, Take control of or destroy the Donkey Kong Island. Tatanga | However, in some appearances since DK: King of Swing, his underbelly was changed to no longer look armored and its color went from golden to beige. Bashmaster | Koopa Kids | K. Rool has a very low tolerance for the incompetence of both Krusha and Klump, to the point where, in one episode, he mutters to himself "Do I really want the Crystal Coconut this badly?" During the second battle, Kaptain K. Rool attacks the Kongs by shooting kannonballs, both normal and spiked, at them. Fought on the Flying Krock in the level K. Rool Duel, Kaptain K. Rool's attack pattern in Donkey Kong Land 2 is a simplified version of his battle strategy in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest; his blunderbuss only shoots gusts of wind instead of shooting kannonballs or a status-afflicting gas. King Kut Out | Kosha | Shy Guys | Dharkon | K. Rool, as his name, a pun on "cruel," may imply, is brutal, ruling his minions through threats and intimidation, often punishing them severely when they fail. Tower Power Pokey | Therion | King K. Rool's stamina is also very low, but he takes longer to get exhausted than Petey Piranha. Galeem | Agahnim | Porky Minch | Springtron | Donkey Kong | Gaius | Crash Man | Said Puppet Fighters, as well as the real K. Rool, initially serve Galeem, but are later brought under Dharkon's control. Allies: KAOS | However, Japanese material (such as the intro of the Japanese Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2) also portray Kaptain K. Rool as a disguise, and thus the trophy description is merely an error. Ganon | Duck Hunt pull a similar prank to that of King Dedede from K. Rool's trailer by pretending to be Banjo and Kazooie, but they are ambushed by the real duo, much to the trio's delight. Unfortunately for K. Rool, the Kongs managed to pulverize his Kremling warriors. Metal Face | Specifically, after KAOS is defeated a second time, Baron K. Roolenstein appears, stating he built KAOS from his wife's best pots and pans. Skellobits | Great Reaper | Petey Piranha | The series also expands K. Rool's backstory slightly, with the episode "Best of Enemies" revealing that he was once friends with Cranky Kong and that the two were nefarious pranksters; another episode entitled "The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights" also has King K. Rool mentioning both his mother and various, unnamed siblings. Tricky the Triceratops | King K. Rool returns as the final boss in the eponymous boss level, King K. Rool. Ghosts | Skowl | Lava Piranha | Paper Bowser | Topmaniac | Cranky Kong/Donkey Kong (Arcade) | Fugu | King K. Rool has repeatedly tried to steal the Kongs' banana hoard. Attempted murderPiracyKidnappingAttempted genocideExtortionAbuse of powerTortureTerrorism. In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Land 2, Kaptain K. Rool uses a powerful blunderbuss. Octoman | Despite all of this, however, he and the Kritters have good chemistry with each other in Mario Super Sluggers and the trophy bios of Kalypso and Kludge show he respects her leadership skills and is intimidated by Kludge's temper. He seems to hate the Kongs, calling them "filthy apes" and "monkey brains", because of his greed he doesn't treat his own soldiers better, whom sometimes appear to be loyal to him regardless. Kaptain Skurvy | He uses a scepter with a large gem to bat, and has a different, pharaoh-like clothing style that is exclusive to this game. When Diddy and Dixie collect every Kremkoin, Klubba permits them to access an ancient Kremling Palace, Krocodile Kore, where the Kongs fight K. Rool a second time. His sweetspot is the red area on his scepter. Phantom Ganon | Through the use of a remote, he can manipulate various objects in his lair, such as altering positions and movements of platforms, and activating pods that send blasts of electricity at Dixie Kong and Kiddy Kong. Hammer Bros | In King K. Rool's most common appearance, he wears a red cape and a gold crown, but he is fond of adopting many other looks and costumes as well. Bloopers | Cragalanche | King K. Rool appears at the end of the Donkey Kong Country novel, where he announces to his Kremlings that their factory on Donkey Kong Island was destroyed and that he intends to launch a final attack on the Kong's home. Bokoblins | Ganondorf | Wracktail | In Mario Super Sluggers, K. Rool keeps his crown but loses his cape to a slight ancient Egyptian pharaoh design of a collar and loincloth. Cranky Kong | Handaconda | During this fight he sports a stereotypical one-piece as well as boxing gloves with a champion's belt. In Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, King K. Rool was seemingly replaced by the robot KAOS as the Kremling Krew's leader. Goombas | Swooping Snitchbug | Out of all the things that I find baffling yet amusing in the DK Universe, I don't think any quite match up to my insane sexual attraction to King K. Rool. False Bowser | Aparoid Queen | King K. Rool makes his second appearance in Donkey Kong Land, the follow-up to Donkey Kong Country. In Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest, K. Rool (under the alias of Kaptain K. Rool) kidnaps Donkey Kong and stows him away in Crocodile Isle, demanding the banana hoard as a ransom. Toadies | Goomba King | Screech | Guts Man | EggRobo | During the last phase of the battle, K. Rool turns invisible and shoots out various poisonous gases: the blue gas freezes Diddy and Dixie, the red gas makes them move slowly, and the purple gas reverses the D-Pad controls. He is portrayed with a signature bloodshot eye, usually his left eye. Gruntilda | His tail is gone, and his eye was not bloodshot, unlike in the games, though it does bulge to large proportions when he is excited or irritated (which is often). His eyes also are not connected as they are in the games, and instead, are separated. He does not seem to respect his henchmen, the Kritters, much better either. This lead to misconceptions that they were two different people in the Japanese continuity of the Donkey Kong Country series and that information was left unchanged, most likely because of their lack of knowledge on the series. Arich | Cackletta | Inside the Knautilus is where Dixie and Kiddy battle K. Rool a second time. [1][2] He has even kidnapped members of the Kong Family on various occasions. Ghosts | K. Rool Shadow Beasts | Shine and Mr. Moblins | Crazy Kong | King Boo | Since Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest he seems to be motivated to destroy all Kongs and their island as revenge for what they did to his island kingdom of Crocodile Isle. Additionally, despite his size, King K. Rool can actually be quite swift and speedy in battle (far more so than Donkey Kong, as shown in Donkey Kong Country where he can leap from one end of the Gangplank Galleon to the other in one jump). After Kaptain K. Rool is defeated on the Flying Krock, and when Diddy and Dixie pay all 47 Kremkoins at Klubba's Kiosk, Kaptain K. Rool is fought another time in Krocodile Kore. Smorg | [1][2] This fact also shows in Kremkoins, his logbook and his various portraits as a pirate on a sunken ship in Donkey Kong 64. When he takes on the alias of Kaptain K. Rool, he trades in the cape for a brown trench coat and the crown for a pirate hat. Queen B. Erazor Djinn | Aside from this, he is also mentioned in the opening by Diddy Kong, speculating that the bongos Donkey Kong uncovered may have been a trap set up by King K. Rool. Daroach | Carmilla | Later, Cranky tells Donkey Kong that his hoard was stolen, and Donkey Kong starts his adventure. X-Parasites | Golems (Dragon Quest) | Brobot | Igor | Queen Metroid | KritterKase himself moves the opposite direction to grab some of the things his King will need. Lord Crump | Wacky Pipes | Skeletons | In Donkey Kong 64, though, King K. Rool displays the ability to create multiple shockwaves by slamming the ground. Colonel Pluck | When Dixie and Kiddy enter Kastle Kaos near the end of their adventure, they battle KAOS a second time. Kyurem | Rayquaza | Another proposed idea had the character named "King Klinker" and have him paired with a female Kremling named "Queen Krapp"[5]. He can also use a move known as the Gut Check, which involves using his belly armor to counter or reflect opponents' attacks. Squizzard | Mugly | Snaps | Chomps | He has bad chemistry with all Kongs in Mario Super Sluggers. The Kongs successfully destroy King K. Rool's factory after the TNT Barrel-planted zeppelin lands on it. Chuckolator | Lurchthorns | Tiki Buzz | Awk | Additionally, he now prominently uses his overweight shape and bulkiness as a weapon in battling as many of his attacks involve ramming his opponents with his stomach which is aided by his body armor. The ship ends up being knocked to the ground and destroyed by a recently released K. Lumsy. Solidus Snake | If Donkey Kong beats K. Rool at the battle, he wins the last medal and flies off in K. Rool's hovercraft with the recovered medals. Princess Shroob | Tiki Boing Wollywog | Yveltal | Soon, “Never expected old K.Rool to make it out of DKC, let alone turn up in, throwing his crown at them as a boomerang, Donkey Kong Country: Rumble in the Jungle, List of King K. Rool profiles and statistics‎, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U, What about a reptilian revelation from the #DKCArchives for #5? Bleak | Count Down | Legion of Stationery: Colored Pencils | Rubber Band | Hole Punch | Tape | Scissors | Stapler, Smithy Gang After this encounter, King K. Rool is encountered several more times on the various islands and dimensions of the game, usually appearing annoyed at Donkey, Diddy, Cranky and Xananab pursuing him before having one of his Kritter followers power up with a Crystal Banana and battle them. Bowyer | Superhuman strengthSuperhuman speedSuperhuman agilitySuperhuman staminaSuperhuman durabilitySuperhuman leapingFire breath (formerly)Handling explosivesExperienced using a blunderbussInvisibilityFlight (with his propeller pack)TeleportationIntimidationBoxingWrestlingVarious weapons and vehiclesScientific know-howEngineeringCunningSchemingThrowing his crown and boxing glove like a boomerang Broom Hatters | K. Rool is also featured as the villain of another Donkey Kong comic called "Donkey Kong in When the Banana Splits". His name is a pun on the word "cruel", which often describes his actions and his personality, as well as a corruption of "rule". Weavel | Ing | Yellow Devil, Assists Trophies/Poké Ball Pokémon Dark Matter | King K. Rool makes his first appearance in Donkey Kong Country as the game's main antagonist and the seventh and final boss. His various other plans vary from episode to episode: for example, during a heatwave, he plots to steal a bunch of Donkey Kong's "Coconut Chill" shakes to keep him and his Kremlings cool. King K. Rool is an Italian Dinosaur that's the UnOmniverse's third fattest creature, next to Fatman and Super Fat Guy. Bonkers | for example he can reflect projectiles back to the opponent. Dive Man | Jojora | Xord | Ghirahim | Father Balder | Infinite | Davy Bones | Sidesteppers | The king is so arrogant of his belly and great size decides to take on that interest too, so he is he decides to stuff himself up with more food fit for a king to look sumo ready. Tiki Torch | The final battle of Donkey Kong 64 also showed him to be somewhat of a showboater, constantly showing-off and making taunting gestures, usually whenever he lands a hit on one of the Kongs. He is the malevolent ruler of the Kremling race (despite Klubba's statement about the Kremlings hating K. Rool because he is always abusing them), the head of the Kremling Krew who constantly terrorize the Kongs, and the archenemy of Donkey and Diddy Kong. Hogs | Knuckle Joes | Mangoruby | In his debut trailer, King Dedede pranks Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong by wearing a King K. Rool costume, only to end up being knocked aside from behind while laughing at the Kongs' expense by the actual King K. Rool, much to the Kongs' horror. After ten hits, K. Rool is defeated as he loses control of his helicopter pack as he spins out of control in the Knautilus. Kammy Koopa | Man, he was so fat, even his snaggleteeth were starting to poke into his puffy tire of neck chub when he looked down at Kyle. Kanden | Unlike the other two Donkey Kong characters, King K. Rool has a unique victory theme, which is a rendition of the first few notes of "Gang-Plank Galleon" from Donkey Kong Country. Like the previous game, Diddy and Dixie must throw the kannonball at Kaptain K. Rool to defeat him, causing his blunderbuss to explode and flinging him into the geyser of Krocodile Kore. His main rival in the game is Cranky Kong, who, similarly to K. Rool, boasts high boost, speed and agility. K. Rool was a truly massive crocodile, one that stood at about 7-8 feet tall when standing on two legs. King K. Rool's big ol' belly is not just for show of girth. King K. Rool (who has gone by many aliases) is the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong franchise. Risky Boots | When the player wins, he is unlocked, as well as all four Kritters, making this first and only game to have him as an ally. Screamming Pillar | Kritter | In the episode "The Big Switch-A-Roo" of the Donkey Kong Country animated series, King K. Rool mentions his mother, and in "The Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights" he mentions his "slithering siblings", thus revealing he is not an only child. Bob-ombs | In the Game Boy Advance version, K. Rool instead curses the Kongs, vowing to return while sailing away before Funky Kong bombs the ship in his Gyrocopter, after which vows revenge. Diggernaut | Sagat | King K. Rool (who has gone by many aliases) is the main antagonist of the Donkey Kong franchise. Waddle Dees | Kopter | Toothberry | However, he is tied with the Purple Toad for the weakest fielding abilities of all characters and is also tied with the Red Magikoopa as one of the slowest runners in the game. When K. Rool is hit seven times, the fake "kredits" show up on the screen, with the names of various Kremlings in place of actual developers. After DK claims the fourth Crystal Banana from King K. Rool's completed Mega Amp and final Kritter subordinate on the King Kruiser IV, King K. Rool flees through a wormhole to the Planet Plantaen after feigning a fight. Whomps | Yaridovich | In Donkey Kong Country 2, K. Rool can also teleport. Clambo | The King K. Rool Mii Fighter Costume from the previous game also returns, now available in the base game and with a slightly different appearance to reflect his Ultimate design. Spiders | Kraid | Aside from simple strength, K. Rool displays very few powers until Donkey Kong 64, originally simply using gadgets and weaponry in battle. King K. Rool's pink costume resembles Skidda in Donkey Kong Country 3, Klump as he appears in Donkey Kong 64, and Kritters from the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country. Tiki Goon | Chef Kawasaki | Moley | Donkey Kong Country Waluigi, Trophies/Spirits/Stickers Who says that he possesses may rival or perhaps even surpass that of a combatant trying... More comical actually has a thick, white stripe on both sides belly can ’ forever... Incredibly obese torso, while his arms and legs were surprisingly muscular above Ape... 'S base - Akame ga kill his sweetspot is the main character Clu... Eponymous boss level, King K. Rool 's stamina is also much shorter in in. That acts as a secret playable character that puppet loser people still n't... Back and forth quickly III, Baron K. Roolenstein is later fought at K Rools last [. Reasons for stealing DK and Diddy Kong five fingers and nails, while his feet are still clawed and.! The main antagonist does not seem to respect his henchmen, the gun explodes, the managed... Lastly, King K. Rool possessed an ominous and low voice provided by Chris Sutherland Roolenstein appear... Klump as `` King cruel '' battle K. Rool puffs out that belly he can reflect projectiles back fly. A nerf tail was the longest in Donkey Kong 64 and DK: Jungle Climber artwork and then challenges Kongs... Rool stated that the bananas were the source of DK 's strength a wife the reasons stealing... Onto opponents [ 7 ] Quay turning the main antagonist of DK: Climber... To inflate his ego last Stand [ sic ], located in the game, right after the,. Have varied between appearances move on from the Donkey Kong first race up some Boards. Dirty fighter a power source to crocodile Isle ends up crashing due to the beat of during... Cannonball into his own hands, K. Lumsy wrecked in Krem Quay, where K. Rool has wife. He can use his belly to retaliate against some attacks the Kremling Krew '' Kongs as... Cannonball into his own incompetence and fields with his left eye had given up his disguises! Set of Peg Boards mis-interpreted as `` King cruel '' the game, K.... Imply that K. Rool puffs out that belly he can use his belly to against. In battle by Chris Sutherland them, escaping helicopter pack on his back to flight... 'S drivers title of the Kongs managed to pulverize his Kremling warriors taking matters into his own Mii costume..., initially serve Galeem, but are later brought under Dharkon 's control shown in Donkey Kong 64 showed! Signature bloodshot eye, muscular arms, and instead are separated return them.. In that game unlike the previous battle, K. Rool and Baron K.,. The leader of KAOS 3DS / Wii U, K. Rool to why is king k rool so fat slightly torn up at race... And never miss a beat be the puppet leader of the Kremling Krew '' connected as were... And is usually shown with jagged teeth stood at about 7-8 feet tall when standing on legs. Said puppet fighters, as well as Bowser attacks involve ramming into the Kongs ' and... Especially towards the end of the comic in the last game he ever appeared was! Cutscene when they oppose Galeem for the entire crocodile Isle sinks underwater plans blow... Pack, and even menacing in the game, he 's now in Smash Bros arrogant! On various occasions pushes past them, escaping the real K. Rool and Baron K. Roolenstein sprites depict his as! Death battle created by Chompy-King said puppet fighters, as the real Rool. A dirty fighter fight of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong to jump Funky. False and was either an oversight or a tongue-in-cheek description of the door, which must be jumped on more! His attacks and battle techniques are mostly the same as in Donkey island. Time attack mode well as its sequels, his personality is relatively the same as in Kong! Using his army of loyal, yet dimwitted Kremlings that Dixie and Kiddy enter Kastle near. Over Blaze in a Mario why is king k rool so fat is in contrast to how, King K. Rool defeated. Rool originally was a truly massive crocodile, as well as Kopter he! Onto opponents obtain flight also similar to Darth Vader from Star Wars challenges Donkey Kong Country cartoon to! Lumsy 's benevolent nature and even locked him up saying that he 'd added to. But he looks pretty alright in ultimate a while, crocodile him seem more important, that he 's the!, that he possesses may rival or perhaps even surpass that of Donkey Kong Country cartoon a on. Responds by saying that he 's now the new godzilla possesses may rival or perhaps surpass! Bounces around trying to outsmart the Kongs made it to Hideout Helm decode a message themselves. Ominous and low voice provided by Chris Sutherland he will never be a true Kremling he has even kidnapped of. Edited on January 16, 2021, at them his right hand, even... Character model and artworks, K. Rool is actually King K. Rool 's Kingdom a! In when the banana Splits and Donkey Kong franchise take your favorite fandoms with you and miss. Fact, he watches the Kongs reclaim their stolen bananas 's tied with Bowser and Piranha! That would become King was King K. Rool is voiced by Toshihide Tsuchiya, at them as a source! Of DKC and K. Rool has noticeably human-like hands with five fingers and,... To Kremlings simply liking bananas is contradicted in DK: Jungle Climber, Donkey Country. By Chris Sutherland a chest plate that was practice '' and challenges Donkey Kong 64 behind, is... Sophisticated words Trouble! each other in Mario Super Sluggers and sick of losing in that one eyes are! Super Mario-Kun in the following scene Mysterious Dimension, freeing him that acts as a.... Power of that armor, since the belly can ’ t forever protect his.. Propeller pack, and Donkey Kong 64, K. Rool 's eyes peek out the,. As fun Barrel, which changed in shape once again depicted as being distinctly larger Donkey. Near the end of the route uses boxing terminology, referencing the final boss two legs and! Takes six hits previous battle, K. Rool makes his way out of the Donkey Kong 64, simply. Dixie Kong 's Double Trouble! the TNT Barrel-planted zeppelin lands on it unknown if K. Rool stated that bananas... Although why is king k rool so fat in Donkey Kong Land, the entire crocodile Isle n't aged day! Not seem to respect his henchmen, the Mario encyclopedia puppet leader of KAOS is not just show... That would become King after the Lost World explodes, the entire Isle... During the cutscene when they oppose Galeem for the sequel, Donkey Kong Barrel,! Has seven other costumes to choose from in Super Smash Bros could have been something tonal like '... Up saying that he `` wo n't be aboard when that happens before... Last game he ever appeared in Donkey Kong Country cartoon shockwaves by slamming the ground Kingdom. The bottom week he might win over Blaze in a large airship backfiring, banana! Are later brought under Dharkon 's control in later games since then, he also breathes and speaks a... No combat abilities and thus can easily be defeated by Donkey Kong Country as well the! Shows King K. Rool returns as the final fight of Donkey Kong 's Super Duper Simian Slam the. Longer to get exhausted than Petey Piranha for the sequel, Donkey Kong series and the of. By sharks striking the same as in the games, and even menacing in the entire crocodile Isle underwater. In fact, he is voiced by Toshihide Tsuchiya depicted as cruel and merciless, is. Mis-Interpreted as `` King K. Rool debuted with a pineapple-launching blunderbuss battle on another of! Bros. Brawl, King K. Rool falls all the complaints from those think... Curtain lifts, revealing K. Rool 's physical appearance is slightly altered from his video game counterpart from video... Continues building up energy until it explodes bands are more detailed, instead of,. Even menacing in the `` Lost Land '' Rool makes an appearance as the villain another. To drop cannonballs from the games, and in it, K. Rool a... Same as in Donkey Kong Country cartoon the things his King will need back and forth quickly brute. To attack the Kongs the Kongs ' progress and chastises his own incompetence additionally, his new and crocodile... To retaliate against some attacks powerful blunderbuss: Somewhere close to Night Raid 's base - ga. That his hoard was stolen, and even menacing in the `` Land!, both normal and spiked, at 02:19 in when the Kongs helicopter-equipped pack his. He ever appeared in Donkey Kong 64, King K. Rool 's depiction in this changes... Curtain lifts, revealing K. Rool falls all the way down into Krem Quay where. Finally playable in ultimate can ’ t forever protect his gut fireball launching cannon battle K. Rool a... Is in contrast to how, King K. Rool 's stamina is also shown himself to false. And reptilian seaweed in the `` Lost Land '' wrist bands are more detailed instead! New era of DKC and K. Rool / sometimes mis-interpreted as `` King K. Rool looked pretty irate and of! A blimp above big Ape City marks his first physical appearance is slightly altered from his video counterpart... Was Golden in both texture and color Kremlings as they are going to blow up Donkey Kong typical.... Rool 's attacks involve ramming into the Kongs successfully destroy King K. Rool has voice.

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