If you have a small house in the city, you can consider renting it for short periods to tourists. This is what the owners of this apartment have done, located in Barcelona very close to the Sagrada Familia.

More and more people love to travel, but instead of going to an anonymous hotel, they prefer to enjoy a stay in rented houses. This is why it is necessary to take full advantage of this trend in the reception if you have a vacant home that you want to make income without ‘committing’ to a rental of years.

Of course, there is a lot of competition (see Booking, Airbnb …) so you can’t improvise or leave things to chance. If a house is rented for short periods on web portals, it is first of all necessary to take care of interior design and photographs. This does not necessarily mean spending a fortune. The house we have chosen today is just an example of how we can redo the look of an old apartment of just 45 square meters, in order to make it more pleasant and appealing for the web.

This apartment for rent offers its guests a space full of comfort for a stay in one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. The house reflects the modern concept of short rent very well. Remember that «short rent» means the rental of a property for a period not exceeding 30 days.

Small renovations

In the renovation of the apartment it was decided to intervene mainly in two ways: renovating the bathroom and incorporating the kitchen into the living room.

To open the kitchenette in the living room, it was enough to simply demolish a wall. The living area is essential in a vacation home, especially if it is a two-room apartment. In this way, natural light can enter the whole room, but also in the bedroom and bathroom, thanks to the glass doors in the style of the historic building.

The bathroom was too old and with a bathtub, so it was remodeled to make it functional with a large shower. The shower is undoubtedly more practical and faster and guests will feel more at ease. Indispensable in the bathroom is a support surface for placing personal effects.

A resin floor has been created in all the rooms of the house, to create unity and style.

It is also noted that an air conditioning system has been added, which is certainly an added value (we will say: indispensable) for a short-term rental house in southern Europe.

Play with color

The colors were chosen for the home focus mainly on earth, gray and white tones, with mustard yellow and green accents, in addition to the traditional red used for French windows and beams.

Neutral colors are reassuring and make anyone feel at ease, while appropriately chosen color accents (without exaggeration) give character and attract attention among the various proposals on the web.

Personality mixing styles

There is no single style, but a mix of styles makes this apartment interesting and welcoming.

The furniture collection among various things includes, in fact, an Ikea kitchen, traditional chairs and tables, and some vintage accessories, mixing textures and materials with balance.

There is also attention to details, such as the choice of lamps, paintings, and items purchased based on the default color palette.

Do it yourself to keep costs down

The interior space is full of ideas and DIY details to copy, which give each corner a distinctive and original touch, such as:

  • the large sofa created with pallets, which thanks to large cushions or mattresses, makes available two more beds
  • the garland of lights that frames the relaxation corner
  • the ladder that acts as a clothes hanger in the room
  • hand-sewn cushion covers
  • the table created with a door
  • the traditional chairs repainted in two colors for a contemporary touch

So don’t miss the boom in short rents and rely on a professional interior designer to enhance your property! Our studio can help you!