For those who are not convinced of the open space, but still want to not sacrifice the broad vision of the spaces and the brightness even in a small apartment, the best solution is to create glass walls with doors, to divide the rooms. As in this space of only 40 square meters.

In this Swedish mini apartment there is everything but in a smaller form. There is a living room, a kitchenette, a bathroom, and a bedroom. It is the latter that has been closed by a glass wall. The advantage of this choice is above all to avoid noise and guarantee tranquility when different family members use both spaces.

The environments visually remain united and thanks to the transparency, the light is diffused in all the corners of the house. Being a bedroom, a curtain that runs along the glazed partition manages to guarantee a minimum of privacy.

It is not an economic solution, it is very clear, but it is certainly of great effect and suitable for small and not very bright apartments.

The choice could not have been more current: both in the Nordic countries, as in ours, the division with glass walls is one of the most popular trends, thanks to the loft-industrial style, which is always very popular.

And would you choose glass walls to separate your room?