Neutral colors, soft fabrics, natural materials and a solution to separate the single space with an iron and glass partition, are the strengths of the Scandinavian furnishings of an apartment of only 40 square meters.

This Swedish studio apartment, thanks to small adjustments and interventions, has become the ideal home for a single person or a young couple, but can also offer ideas for small vacation homes or apartments for short-term rentals.

We will see once again how it is possible to furnish a studio apartment successfully, placing the living room with the sleeping area in close correlation, while operating a division of functions.

Very bright, thanks to its large windows, the apartment has a fresh and modern neutral color decor, which invites you to relax.

The walls are painted a warm gray-beige, while in the kitchen area we find a wooden covering. On the floor oak parquet in a herringbone pattern has been laid. The table and chairs are painted with delicate sage green, while the living room cushions and bed linen are enriched with soft pastel shades.

All this helps to give this unique space a delicate refinement. The style, in fact, involves the use of linear and compact furniture, making the space lighter and airier. All ideas to keep in mind if your open space is too cold.

In addition to the use of colors, the large studio apartment has been transformed into a sophisticated home thanks to an iron and glass wall, which divides the living area from the sleeping area, without completely closing the space. In this way, the room that is created (which would have no windows) can benefit from the light coming from the large windows.

Thanks to the creation of the industrial style iron and glass wall, the light becomes the protagonist of the whole space, creating a sort of dialogue between the night & day areas while at the same time ensuring privacy is maintained thanks to comfortable packet curtains.

The relaxing color palette, the wood, the natural materials, the presence of many plants and the seductive glass wall transform this apartment into a practical, comfortable and welcoming space.