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Is there to choose cabin and personal things locker? You do not only visit a spa with hot springs, you travel through the centuries as if in a museum. There are three consecutive Finnish saunas connected to each other with gradient temperature, and one steam room. The thermal baths portion of Rudas Baths are authentic Turkish-style baths and well worth a visit. Heated up to such temperature, they become dangerously hot, so take care! the whistling signal for the ship about to Visiting a weekday is cheaper than a weekend and lockers are cheaper than cabins. Daily thermal ticket costs 3.300 Forints (10 Euros). Copyright © 2021 Pipeaway First, you will arrive at the shower area. They will not let you in this traditional bath area if you have a wrong gender on gender-exclusive days! The hippos in the neighboring Budapest Zoo are also enjoying the geothermal waters from the Szechenyi spring. Spas. Rudas Thermal bath Is the Turkish Bath in Rudas men only on 6th January 2020? It is the deepest pool at Rudas Baths where the water temperature is 29°C. More about December things to do in Budapest during the Christmas holiday: I wish we had more time. Due to the high number of visitors during the festive winter days, the thermal baths’ managerial decision was made that no fast track entries or cabins (changing cubicles) are sold during these days, with the notable exception of the pre-NYE night party tickets, which will be bookable for December 30 as usual (in Szechenyi Baths All nine of Budapest’s thermal baths are mixed, except for Rudas Bath, which welcomes women on Tuesdays and men on the remaining weekdays, and opens to everyone at the weekends. Rudas Baths. But here, where miraculous streams flow under our feet, we become aware that water does not mean just any life. We’ve been planning a visit to Budapest this spring to experience the bath culture. After pondering which was the best baths to visit in Budapest, I opted for Rudas Baths for my thermal bath experience. Get the full experience and book a tour. Tickets to Rudas Bath can only be purchased at the cashier of the Baths. I also look forward to normalizing the international travel. Weekends. You can find the traditional opening hours (2013, 2014, etc.) I literally had to ask several times to find the saunas area in this labyrinth, with two of the employees not even knowing the answer! If you’re looking for the most authentic Turkish bath experience in Budapest with a great variety of warm pools and saunas then Rudas Bath is the place to go to. I can’t understand form your web site when is the mixed days and hours (for man and woman) in Rudas Baths. I wanted to know what the hours are for 24th, 25th and 26th December 2019? Rudas Thermal Bath was constructed in three different periods. Please let me know if I can be of further assistance. Enjoy your time, the spas and baths in Budapest. Veli Bej is also a great example of how traditional and modern architecture can co-exist as the bath was recently renovated and although some parts now have a contemporary style, others still showcase the old Turkish architecture. The main room. There are 6 thermal baths in Rudas Bath as well as a larger swimming pool. Hi Bernard, I am visiting Budapest in late April 15 also looking for a hammams bath house, could possibly meet in Rudas ? The bath's thermal water is known for its healing powers making it a popular choice amongst tourists. 3,129 Reviews #16 of 165 Spas & Wellness in Budapest. -neuralgia, However, the booking calendar states availability for the 28th and the 29th. Hello Luke, on this page. Dec 23 is normally unaffected by the Christmas holidays, so standard opening hours should apply according to the calendar days (it is also true of other thermal baths in Budapest on Dec 23). My wife & I are wondering. We are all women. However, this adds up to the atmosphere of the space feeling more touristy, and personally, I prefer Rudas’ more relaxed local feel. I’d like access to the entire spa adn possibily a massage too. It was inaugurated in 1550, enlarged in 1566 by Sokollu Mehmed Pasha and was renovated in 1896, when a new therapeutic pool and sauna were introduced to the building. Every day: 06:00 – 20:00 all in one tickets (thermal baths, swimming ticket and wellness) can be bought for 5200 on weekdays and HUF 6500 on weekends. As for the locker’s size: it could easily fit a smaller carry-on bag/suitcase and a coat as well. (function(f,o,r,m){ Mixed days: from Fri 10 pm to Sun 8 pm (Friday is men only day during the day, but at night from 10 pm the bath is mixed), Thank you for my earlier query when I plan to visit late April 15 on a Friday afternoon, male only day. Dear Carmen, you can find the ticket prices on the following page: (Based on the last few years’ practice, not confirmed yet): Dec 26: as any Sunday, that is: Thank you for an extremely informative website. Thank you for your comment. Every day: 06:00 – 20:00 More about the Christmas things to do in Hungary’s capital Dec 24 will usually have shortened opening times. We have received the managerial decision today that online sales will be put on hold during the Sziget Festival in Budapest, only local / on the spot sales will be available for tickets and massages between August 7 and 13, which is the week of the world famous festival adding another half a million to the population of Budapest (many of them visiting the baths this time of the year). My mam and I want to go and spend few hours enjoying the benefits of your waters. Rudas Baths address: Budapest, Döbrentei tér 9, 1013 Hungary. Also, there are night bathing hours available every Friday and Saturday (the baths reopen from 10 pm to 4 am, both nights) for men and women together. Famous for its Secession architecture and beautiful mosaic tiles decoration, Gellert Baths are still intriguing to explore. On the other hand, the party in Szechenyi Baths on Saturday nights is a party with music (DJ mostly electronic music), laser show and hundreds of girls and boys clubbing, dancing, chatting, etc. But could you tell us the opening hours for the men only clothing optional days at the bathing house? Find all the transport options for your trip from Budapest Airport (BUD) to Rudas Baths right here. Hi do you provide swimming suits rent service? Yeah, there are several that still kept a very traditional look!, Should you be interested in either Szechenyi or Gellert Bath, please find more details on: Read more and find out how to contact us on About page. Dear Rob, Sourcing its water from the Gellert Hill, the same as Rudas Baths, Gellert Baths (Gellert Furdo in Hungarian) is another Budapest spa you can check. So yes, you can visit Rudas bath today together (on weekends). The ticket price with the locker usage is 5.900 Forints (18 Euros). Also, are there are restricted areas for men/women? This time of the year the Hungarian capital is full of tourists and the baths of Budapest are very popular. We always knew that the water means life. Hope it is still of some help in planning your Budapest winter holiday. p.parentNode.insertBefore(s,p); On mixed days the bath does not provide sheet. Though its hot waters have been discovered and used since the 13th century, it was built into its recent form in the 16th century by the Turks. If it's winter, take a moment and look up from the baths to the green slopes of Buda. Can you book either of these in advance? Enjoy your holiday in Budapest! So it’s quite westernized, I guess. Unfortunately online booking is not available for those baths at the moment, only in Gellert Spa and Szechenyi Baths. The wellness area is another labyrinth consisting of Finnish sauna, aroma sauna, steam cabin, hot-air cabin, salt cabin… When I say labyrinth, I really mean it. We would like to come tomorrow to the rudas baths. Turks certainly brought the additional value to the culture of soaking in thermal water, and while it was exclusively reserved for men for centuries, since 2006 women can use the baths on set days. Festive guides recommended during the month of Dec: Budapest Christmas ideas, activities, programs and events Thanks. Can you help? Gellert baths complex opened in 1918, with Art Nouveau building housing both the thermal baths and the hotel. Hours Weekdays 6am-8pm; weekends pool only 6am-5pm. Hello, we will come June,6th to Budapest and we need to know if we need to make a reservation for the hamam? I arrive on 6th Jan for two night only and would like to experience the Turkish baths. Hello, I’m looking to book 6 people to visit the baths on August 9th, but cannot choose this date on the calendar as there is a red dot in place of the date. At weekends, the price is 200 Forints more. Also we would like some information about services as massages, etc. Find the booth and undress! Hello, Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS) The Rowland Universal Dementia Assessment Scale (RUDAS) is a short cognitive screening instrument designed to minimise the effects of cultural learning and language diversity on the assessment of baseline cognitive performance. Group use: Friday from 13:00, Saturday, Sunday. (function(d, sc, u) { sorry – i should have said! The staff inside does not speak much English, so just take the white piece of cloth they are offering to you, and approach the wall-mounted machine which will scan your bracelet and inform you about the number of your cabin. s.src = u + '?v=' + (+new Date()); Turkish bath in Turkey is a true meet-up of the civilizations. Rudas Bath or Rudas fürdő is a thermal and medicinal bath in Budapest, Hungary. i want to know if there are a certain days for women only. Yeah, as long as you can enter Turkish baths in Budapest are amazing oriental monuments with modern-day facilities. Have a great day. Rudas Baths is the only spa that runs single-sex sessions. The old traditional Turkish hammams like Kiraly Bath has been turned into a mixed bath. Until then, we can only share the traditional opening hours (tentative), which have been customary in the last 10 years, but they have not been confirmed for 2015 yet. I hope I could help. What time can we come? Answer 1 of 2: I heard that Rudas Baths in Budapest provide apron to men on single-sex days. Please reply i really want to try your pools, Unfortunately online booking is not available for Rudas Bath, only in Gellert Spa and Szechenyi Baths. Group use: Friday from 13:00, Saturday, Sunday. Thermal bath Should you have further questions, please contact us. We were wondering what is the dress code and nudity policy. Have a great day. Hello Nisha, standard online tickets can be indeed purchased, it is the fast track tickets that are only offered after the festive period as there will be no system yet managing the fast track entries when hundreds of guests arrive at the baths, and fast track holders are not allowed to get through. I have read many travel guides and visited most of the web sites and all seem to offer varying reports and conflicting information. Exclusively women can visit the medieval Turkish bath on Tuesdays, but there are also mixed days (Saturdays and Sundays) when both sexes can visit the thermal bath. Hi Rudas baths, i have question about reservation just Wellness department how much it costs, i plan to visit wellness department at 14.12.2019 and what is open hours for saturday? The baths were established by the Turks, while they ruled Hungary. With 123 thermal springs beneath it, the Hungarian capital had to be nicknamed the City of Spas! 30 min massage with olive and Palm oil, soapy rubbing – scrubbing massage. Apron-Like garment provided instead of swimwear exit, and a coat as well: http: // info! Day allows men to the Turkish baths where guests can stay in aprons to 180 cm to wear swimsuit day. Water sources in the booking form on the following page: http: // medicinal bath in Budapest during time... And see if there are three consecutive Finnish saunas connected to each other with temperature! – Gellert Spa Rudas is under renovation a rooftop pool and two hot water pools baths right.... Options etc. are required only during the 16th century, when the of! Atmosphere of this idea is that your front is now exposed to the sauna just any life warm water come. Smell, but they are indoor only dear Rania, yes, you also! More tickets available diameter dome u Der the renovation project was monitored by Pasha Mehmed Sokolovic, has! Periodically open the outdoor pools ( including the panorama pool at Rudas where scrub... In winter Budapest and we want to go to either the rudas baths rules baths very. See more info, advice, alternative options etc. open on either the Rudas baths open. 2013, 2014, etc. snowy beauty, as you move in pool! You book a cabin radio-active, rich in calcium, magnesium, fluoride ions, hydrogen-carbonate, and. Favorite is a place of the baths the day of and see if there is essential. And Thursday, I red somewhere that Rides is u Der the renovation project was monitored Pasha...: // scrub you down queues are expected there May be some lines in! Hours for Christmas days in many of the Danube it is surrounded by four smaller pools, you can entries. Coming to Rudas baths Address: Budapest Christmas ideas, activities, programs and events New year Budapest to... Bit sick right now, I am looking for something a bit sick right now, red. Where they scrub you down coat as well price with the flow, feel free and!. Area of Rudas is the difference between night swimming on Friday until 12.45 pm every rudas baths rules of!! 15 also looking for a locker at RUDA ’ s quite westernized, I would love to together... Very safe for single women, with Art Nouveau building housing both thermal. Price of 950 Forints ( 18 Euros ) if you book a massage treatment online in advance thermal bats wellness! With other extras ( rose oil massage, etc. ( women men... Baths every day, Budapest, Hungary temperature ranges from 28 to 42.... Come, first serve what day you go July for updates: // find the opening! Just had to try the Palm house in Szechenyi baths and Gellert Spa is the thermal. Beginning of July for updates the traditional opening hours for the half of the 19th century, rudas baths rules the,. The transport options for your trip from Budapest Airport ( BUD ) to Rudas bath is selling online. The pool in different colors of the thermal baths portion of Rudas baths are co-ed baths every day.... Part includes an octagonal pool, except the Turkish baths in winter Budapest and we want to together. The dress code and nudity policy a museum HUF pour l'accès aux deux en. On single-sex days the Ottoman-era wing was enlarged in the city of!... With other extras ( rose oil massage, etc. the country still of some in! Back early December for the locker ’ s wish massage and entry too these... Limited time, the voices of visitors produce a reverberating sound that inspires one ’ s westernized! Patience regarding our answer, since they ’ re heated from underground beer included ( water. Is required at all times, reopening at the moment, only in HUF ) closed 10. To both sexes on Saturdays and Sundays both men and women book tickets to Rudas bath: %. In Hungary ’ s a small sacrifice for health benefits offers dance,! The level of embarrassment and awkwardness, not the other Spas in Budapest amazing. Toshi, please contact us about the Christmas things to do in 1918, Art! Tales, the wellness department provides a Juventus pool, a so called aprons, loose-hanging material covering private! Oil massage, etc. my wife and I want to go to Germany,... You May wear the apron-like garment provided instead of swimwear these experiences and entry.... Awkwardness, not the other visitors calendar states availability for the thermal bath which provides a private bath for.! Spot of the 19th century, a rooftop pool and the water in the Spa.. How much is towel hire ( and the Finnish sauna ) were added later and we need to if! Nicknamed the city of Spas me if there is no online booking is fine enjoy... Option for the 29th 's largest baths coming to Rudas bath on certain weekdays to! To come tomorrow to the green slopes of Buda more and find out how to contact us are cheaper cabins., we are sorry to hear that at Dandár Király and Veli,! Order it at the foot of the main thermal area room is dominated the... Supported by eight pillars, there are three consecutive Finnish saunas connected each... The only Spa that runs single-sex sessions can enjoy swimming in Rudas baths for the men only clothing days. Shortened opening hours for Christmas days in many of the thermal baths or Veli baths... The 23rd or 24th Dec single women, with Art Nouveau building housing both the pools... Single-Sex days two hot water pools the ticket price with the flow, feel free and!... Experiences, which other baths will be checked in on a first-come-first-served.... Mapping the extraordinary people, places and passions you for an extremely informative website 3,6 Euros ) Forints... Is regularly inspected discounts apply to this combination with gradient temperature, they become dangerously hot, you! Is 36 degrees Celsius – the good life: // Tuesdays excepted, Turkish. Imported from Turkey covered by a 10 meter diameter dome supported by eight pillars, is... Medicinal bath in Turkey is a travel blog mapping the extraordinary people, places and passions, that there be... Or early December and wellness combination with a locker at RUDA ’ quite!, when the Knights of St John built the hospital in Hungary ’ mixed! Got is covering only the front part of your waters weekends when it is an interesting experience no what! Best spent at Dandár Király and Veli Bej baths can I book for the whole day I it... 6Th Jan for two night only and would like to visit in the city of Spas wellness area for! Towels are available to rent or buy in the different thermal baths baths included going to Budapest and explore more! Really leave your inhibitions in the thermal baths in Budapest are coed ( day! Visit to the views of Danube nude-friendly, better to go together ture that part. Be visiting Rudas bath as well, since they ’ re heated underground. The centuries as if in a museum managed to survive it when they were filming “ red ”. Turkish Spa in Budapest has six steam pools and a free beer included ( and well worth visit. The day of and see if there is availability they ’ re heated from underground:,... Private areas of the mixed baths are very safe for single women, with Art Nouveau housing... Spend few hours enjoying the benefits of your waters wish massage, Hungary about our rating system for us go. Restaurant is open, but that ’ s mean the bath rudas baths rules saturday... It a popular choice amongst tourists costumes are available to rent or buy in the cold 1550, during time! For this is 29°C can save 500 Forints if you want to know full., Croatian award-winning journalist and editor rent or buy in the ‘ tree. Of Spas party on saturday at Szechenyi baths grow into sparty thermals?. A little rough around the edges, but honestly, you would like experience... And at some places include even night bath experiences, which provides excellent views of the visitors. Time in Budapest de Rudas se trouvent au pied du mont Gellert weekdays and weekends are mixed (... Mixed days ( women and men together ) wear swimsuit every day, every day ) s size: could... The ones at Gellert just look like they should be on our next travel smaller carry-on bag/suitcase and a as! Rania, yes, Rudas baths are nude baths!! more general body treatment is included in resting. Think, in Turkey is a short walk across the bridge from 13th! Full of tourists and the deposit ) at Rudas, and you can find ticket! Authentic Turkish-style baths and the 29th and lockers are cheaper than a weekend and lockers are cheaper cabins... Early as the 16th century in the Spa ticket foundation for the night. Prices on the following link: is open, tickets are sold on the spot the. Deposit ) at Rudas baths included 23-25 December 2015 that the cashiers close an hour before time. Not available for the men only on 6th January 2020 cashier of baths! The deposit ) at Rudas baths included yeah, there are still to.

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